Playster Capitalizing on Oyster’s Shutdown, Scribd’s Reduction

Playster Capitalizing on Oyster’s Shutdown, Scribd’s Reduction Playster, which bills itself as “the all-inclusive, global media and entertainment platform,” came out of beta in December, entering the ever-changing field of ebook subscription services. What distinguishes Playster from similar efforts, though, is that “inclusivity” the company touts: users can bundle ebooks, audiobooks, movies, music and games all under one service.

With Playster having been available for just over a month, we sat down with the company’s CEO, Philip Keezer, to discuss how well the service is faring, the state of current subscription services, and what the future holds for Playster.

So Playster came out of beta a little over a month ago. What has the response been like?

Much more.

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In a report released Monday, Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) estimated Prime members in the United States ended 2015 numbering about 54 million, up 35 percent from the same period in 2014. CIRP also said its research shows that 47 percent of Amazon’s customers are Prime members. The web’s biggest retailer doesn’t publicly disclose these figures so estimates are all we have.

Authors United Still Wants DoJ Probe of Amazon (PW)
“The central problem is still with us,” said Douglas Preston, referring to the power Amazon yields in the book business, at a Winter Institute 11 talk called Authors, Agents, and Booksellers—United for a Fair Marketplace. The session, hosted by ABA CEO Oren Teicher and held during this weekend’s show in Denver, examined where things stand six months after Authors United pressed the Department of Justice to investigate Amazon’s “deleterious impact” on the book industry.

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