O’Reilly Media Introduces Tutorials Blending Text, Video, Code

o'reilly media, edtechO’Reilly Media has debuted interactive online tutorials to bring more hands-on learning to consumers of its instructional technology books and online services. Called Oriole Online Tutorials, these lessons blend text and video with a platform to write and run computer code together to create “a narrated learning experience,” as described on O’Reilly’s website.

“We couldn’t find that combo elsewhere,” writes Paco Nathan, O’Reilly’s Learning Group director, in a blog post on the company’s website. “It reintroduces the human aspects: both an author’s perspectives conveyed through video and a learner’s hands-on experience of running the code within a personalized session.”

Nathan notes that the tutorials’ intent are to bring technology experts to people’s screens and make them feel like the experts are with them in-person. He adds that, by providing more engaging content and an installation-free platform for coding practice, these tutorials may engage people who may otherwise be too busy with families and jobs to effectively learn on their own.

“Our intent was to look beyond books, beyond video, beyond even the likes of MOOCs or oh-so-many search queries leading to dubious StackOverflow threads,” Nathan says.

Oriole Online Tutorials are accessible online and include free courses as well as some with fees. Each tutorial exists on an easy-to-maneuver webpage with text, screenshots and a video that are divided into corresponding sections. By clicking on the bookmarked sections on the left-hand side of the webpage, users can easily skip, revisit or repeat sections.

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