One Author’s Decision to Self-Publish His Star-Studded Oral History

self-publishing, author, indie author, indie publishing, publishersCorey Stulce knew his book had a lot of star power. His subject: The State—an 11-person sketch comedy group from the 1990s that featured now-big names in comedy, like Michael Ian Black, David Wain and Michael Showalter. Moreover, the oral history he was putting together had the full cooperation of all 11 members.

Yet despite the access Stulce had in both comedy and publishing (Black himself is a New York Times bestselling author), he decided to forego the traditional route and instead self-publish.

The reason?

“It was sort of selfish,” Stulce said. “I wanted us—The State and me—to make every decision for the book—the way it read, the look, the promotion, everything.”

Much more.

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