Observing Book Readers in Their Natural Habitat

Observing Book Readers in Their Natural Habitat“In last week’s post, I introduced the notion of the ‘Internet of Bookish Things,’ and how (e)books were now nodes on the Internet that could record how books are being read,” writes Andrew Rhomberg. “In this week’s post, I will begin the exploration of what we can learn using this new ‘superpower.’”

“One of the memes that has made the rounds at publishing conferences recently is the notion that books are competing with Facebook, YouTube and Angry Birds for readers’ mindshare,” Rhomberg continues. “Personally, I find the idea that I will not buy a certain book when browsing Daunts Books on Marylebone High Street in London, Green Books in San Francisco, or on Amazon’s website ludicrous. A typical shopper does not think, ‘I am not going to buy this book, because I am going to spend those six hours on Facebook instead.’ He or she might pick Girl on the Train (the girl at the office kept taking about it) instead of another title, but shoppers are not consciously choosing between books and social media as a form of entertainment, and especially not at the point of purchase.”

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The State and Future of Digital Audiobooks (DBW)
Erica Lazzaro is general counsel and director of publisher services for OverDrive, a global digital media distributor. She leads OverDrive’s licensing, content acquisition and business development efforts, helping booksellers and publishers worldwide find success with multichannel digital distribution. Lazzaro also works closely with OverDrive’s executive team on strategic relationships and has negotiated agreements with leading companies in the digital media industry.

Publishers’ Sales Decline 2% Through Third Quarter of 2015 (DBW)
The AAP released a quarterly update yesterday, saying that publishers’ sales for the first three quarters of 2015 (January-September) were down 2.0 percent at $11.9 billion, compared to $12.1 billion for the same period in 2014. Digital audiobooks continued to remain the fastest-growing format with 37.7-percent growth.

US Study: Publishing Industry Overwhelmingly White and Female (Guardian)
A survey of American publishing has found that it is blindingly white and female, with 79 percent of staff white and 78 percent women.

Top 5 Publishing Markets for 2016, Chosen by You (Pub Perspectives)
We asked. You answered. These are the top five publishing markets that you want to get to know in 2016.

April Eberhardt Interview (Jane Friedman)
Literary agent and publishing consultant April Eberhardt discusses effective book promotion, what makes writing exceptional from a publishing perspective, her preference for representing women’s fiction, and more in this interview.

Amazon’s PayPal Competitor Is Growing (Fortune)
Amazon is touting the growth of its digital wallet, Pay with Amazon, as a way for its vast army of customers to shop with third party merchants using their Amazon credit cards and shipping details. Last year, payment volume through the service on other retailers’ sites rose 150 percent from 2014, the company said.

Amazon Is Running Its First-Ever Super Bowl Ad (Re/code)
Have you guys heard of Amazon.com? They’re an up-and-coming “e-commerce” company. And like lots of other “dot-com” startups, they’re spending millions on a Super Bowl ad next month to try to break through the clutter and grab your attention. It might seem crazy for a company to try to convert TV watchers into World Wide Web users. But who knows? It might just work.

Inkling Unveils Inkling for Enterprise, All-in-One Platform (DBW)
Inkling unveiled its all-in-one enterprise content platform, Inkling for Enterprise, a new way for businesses to reach both internal and external audiences with dynamic, engaging content on mobile devices and PCs. The announcement follows strong overall business growth for Inkling, including a third consecutive year of triple-digit revenue growth.


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