A Few Notes on the Future of Publishing

publishers, bots, augmented reality, amazon, alexaThe Future Today Institute has created a terrific, free report summarizing key technology trends and what they mean for tomorrow. I’ve embedded the report below so you can quickly flip through it.

I read the whole report and highlighted the most noteworthy elements for publishers below. That leads me (once again) to the topic of curation, a very important (current and) future publishing trend. Curation is becoming as important as creation, especially as we’re bombarded with more information than we can possibly consume.

As you read through my curated list below, with slide numbers in parenthesis, be sure to look at each item through the lens of publishing. How will each one of these affect how your content is discovered, acquired and consumed in the future?

Much more.

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Writing Authentic Settings and Keeping a Series Fresh (Creative Penn)
The best way to earn money as an indie fiction author is with a series, but how do you keep that series fresh over the long term? I discuss this topic and the importance of setting with Hawaii-based author, Toby Neal in today’s show.

W3C Global Web Experts Plan Technical Roadmap for Future of Web (DBW)
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) hosted a gathering of 500 web technology experts to address challenges and new opportunities for the future of the Web’s technical roadmap and standardization work.

Half of America Could Have Amazon Prime by End of Year (CNBC)
Amazon’s 49 million Prime members are worth $143 billion over their lifetime with the company, Cowen and Company analyst John Blackledge said Monday.

Latest Ukrainian Ban of Russian Book Imports Under Consideration (Pub Perspectives)
Reports say the ban proposed to Ukraine’s parliament members would require a book from Russia to have permission from a special public commission to be imported.

Too Many Titles in a Small Space (Pub Perspectives)
“The need for extreme success is now a requirement rather than a boon,” says the UK’s Jason Cooper in the run-up to Frankfurt’s conference on The Markets.

A Whiter Shade Beyond the Pale (Bookseller)
The most recent booklists for World Book Day and World Book Night fail, between them, to muster a single non-white author. Additionally – a scandal not picked up on by the media anywhere – the latest Richard & Judy list is all-white for the seventh round in a row: a BAME author hasn’t featured since Khaled Hosseini in 2012.

‘Author in Progress’ Features Lessons from 40+ Best-Selling Authors, Experts (DBW)
Author in Progress: A No-Holds-Barred Guide to What It Really Takes to Get Published isn’t just a love letter to authors – it’s a lesson-filled journey through the important stages every writer travels. The upcoming book – from editor/co-author Therese Walsh and publisher Writer’s Digest, with a foreword written by respected author James Scott Bell – features more than 50 insightful essays from best-selling, critically acclaimed authors and experts, alongside not-yet-published authors.


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