Lever Press Makes Academic Publishing Free

Lever PressThe Oberlin Group, a consortium of university libraries across the United States, has started a new project called Lever Press, which allows academic authors to publish on an open access digital platform. Production costs will be taken care of by supporting academic institutions, and readers will access content for free.

The organization hopes to acquire, develop and produce 60 new titles on arts, humanities and social science topics by the end of 2020.

Because Lever Press functions digitally, costs of production will remain low and the platform’s editorial board can focus on publishing articles based solely on merit. This also allows the board to publish pieces that may be considered outside the realm of legacy publishing and explore partnerships with the emerging digital humanities community.

Nearly 40 liberal arts college libraries—many of whom are members of the Oberlin Group—have pledged more than $1 million altogether to work on Lever Press over the next five years. Now that the project has financial backing, the next step is to form an editorial board comprised of distinguished faculty members from participating institutions who will vet and approve articles.

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One thought on “Lever Press Makes Academic Publishing Free

  1. suray

    This is to support the needs of Lever Press champions to both recruit more institutional pledges and identify key series editors at Oberlin Group institutions.
    Every alternate year would be seen as a period of consolidation, with less travel needed.



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