Inkshares Book to Become TV Show and Audiobook

InksharesFor the first time, start-up crowdfunded publisher Inkshares has sold major TV and audiobook rights for one of its books. Titled The Show, the book is written by ex-Google employee Filip Syta and follows a Google-like company called Show and its culture of drugs, sex and partying.

The TV rights offer was made by a soon-to-be-announced video streaming company in Europe, and the audiobook offer was made by Penguin Random House (PRH).

“I’m extremely happy and tremendously excited about the deals,” said Syta. “Most importantly, they are an acknowledgement that my work is appreciated. They definitely spark motivation for my upcoming work.”

For Inkshares CEO Jeremy Thomas, the attention The Show garnered from TV producers and PRH was surprising. In the beginning, the book only sold a mediocre amount of copies. However, it gained popularity when Business Insider published a feature on it.

Thomas thinks readers and producers are drawn to the book because Syta modeled the fictional company Show after Google.

“Anything that has any indication of drama related to Google could pique the interest of people,” Thomas explained. “Here we have someone who had worked at Google. There’s a lot of mystery and intrigue about what it’s like to work there. If we look at movies like The Internship and shows like ‘Silicon Valley,’ we can see a pattern of tech-inspired content in the marketplace.”

One reason Inkshares has been able to sell titles, Thomas believes, is because its digital platform records user data. The numbers help producers envision the potential success of an acquired title.

The Show isn’t the only Inkshares-published book that’s received TV rights inquiries, though. Another is Astronaut Instruction Manual, a children’s book that imagines a future in which there are jobs in space. Discussions about turning several other titles into documentaries are also in the works.

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