Indigo Launches Book Recommendation App ‘RECO’

RECO, app, recommendation, discovery, discoverability, booksIndigo announced today the launch of RECO, a book recommendation app that claims to be the first to provide users with access to “a global community of friends and influencers to discover, share, capture, and discuss books.”

What separates RECO from similar apps, according to a press release, is that its recommendations are curated solely by friends and experts, not algorithms.

“As a lifelong booklover, nothing brings me more joy than sharing a book I love with my friends,” said Heather Reisman, RECO’s co-founder and Indigo’s CEO. “RECO is a platform for everyone to share the joy of reading and nothing beats getting a recommendation from someone whose opinion I trust.”

After signing up, users are led through a “smart” personalization exercise to build a profile and make their tastes known. Based on common interests, RECO then allows users to subscribe to curated book lists from experts and others with similar tastes.

At the time of launch, more than 8 million books in the app have been tagged with “rich interest profiles” to help users discover new books.

RECO also offers features to track books users have read and want to read, as well as discuss books with others directly in the app.

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One thought on “Indigo Launches Book Recommendation App ‘RECO’

  1. Saurabh Hooda

    Nice article! Thanks for spreading the love of books.

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