Indie Stores Are Now Selling Digital Audiobooks[Press Release]

Indie stores are now selling digital audiobooks Launches Indie Partner Program

SEATTLE, April 4, 2016 – ( has launched its Indie Partner Program which allows any independent bookstore to sell digital audiobooks.

“Independent bookstore customers are buying digital audiobooks, just not from their favorite indie stores. Using’s platform, independent bookstores can set up a free, co-branded digital audiobook storefront and start selling to their loyal customers,” said Mark Pearson, CEO, has built a simple buying experience. A customer can browse the co-branded storefront in-store or at home on any device such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. The storefront features the independent bookstore’s logo on every page as well as custom messaging to ensure the customer knows they are buying from their bookstore. helps the bookstore promote digital audiobooks through in-store and online marketing with a full catalog of resources.

“We created because independent stores were getting left behind in the soaring growth of digital audiobooks, the fastest growing category in publishing,” said Pearson. “Booksellers have encouraged us to build a system that’s easy to use and consistent with the values the independent bookseller community shares.”

Prior to cofounding, Pearson was the publisher at Pear Press (distributed by Perseus Books Group) and published a half dozen titles, including John Medina’s long-running New York Times bestseller, Brain Rules.

While dozens of stores have signed on with, a handful of stores wanted to be the first to pilot their audiobook stores. The first stores were Blue Willow Bookshop (Houston, TX), Eagle Harbor Books (Bainbridge Island, WA), Green Apple Books (San Francisco, CA), Liberty Bay Books (Poulsbo, WA), Papercuts J.P. (Boston, MA), and Village Books (Bellingham, WA).

Green Apple Books made the announcement on their sidewalk with an audiobook listening gnome. “While sales of audiobooks on CD have been negligible in our stores for a while, we know sales of digital audiobooks have soared. Thanks to our partnership with, our customers can now get audiobooks conveniently AND support their local indie store. We’re pleased that indies have a supportive partner in Libro.” said co-owner, Pete Mulvihill.

Papercuts J.P. launched with their own curated selection of audiobooks, including a list of their bestselling books and a collection of books read by authors. In an email to customers, owner and manager Kate Layte wrote, “When I met with the cofounder of, Mark Pearson, this past January, what he was proposing sounded too good to be true: Independent bookstores will now have a way to sell digital audiobooks, priced for far less than traditional books on CD, with a simple well-designed app, and you own the files. It’s a dream come true and I’m so happy to share it with you.”

Want to listen to a great audiobook and test out the customer experience? Visit one of the following indie stores:

The Indie Partner Program is ready to enroll bookstores around the world. Learn more at

About the iOS app:
The iOS app is available now for free in the app store. Simplicity is the theme of this app. Its interface is clear and uncluttered so your books can really shine. Navigation between screens of the app is intuitive so you won’t have to dig through any menus to find the functionality you’re looking for. And when you complete a purchase on, simply pull to refresh the library and your new books will be available for download.

While the team worked hard to keep the app simple, they have also included powerful features:

– Listen offline wherever life takes you
– Skip forward and back a few seconds to make sure you don’t miss a word
– Change your listening speed for perfectly-paced narration
– Bookmark important passages and leave yourself a note about why they matter
– Set the timer when you want your book to stop playing after a certain time
– Control playback from the lockscreen or your headphones for convenience on the go

Download the free iOS app at

About is your independent store for digital audiobooks. is based in Seattle, WA, and offers tens of thousands of DRM-free digital audiobooks, available for download and through its free iOS app (Android coming soon!). It partners with independent bookstores to create co-branded digital audiobook storefronts.

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