How Indie Bookstores Help Drive Book Discoverability

bookstores, indie bookstores, curation, discovery, apps, recommendationEvery day, it seems, there are more and more ways to find that next great book to read. As book publishing has firmly planted itself in the digital realm, we now have websites and apps galore that feature recommendation engines, and even allow us to track what other people are reading and follow suit based on our similar tastes or level of admiration.

And given the prevalence and convenience of ebooks, it’s easier than ever to quickly find out what to read next, buy it just a second later and start reading it right then and there, even on the same device on which it was bought.

Depending on the user, though, some of these discovery modes can end up mostly reflecting one’s set of tastes rather than broadening it. To be fair, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. If one knows what she likes to read and doesn’t want to read anything else, that’s her prerogative. And in this way, she can set up her own private echo chamber that continuously delivers more and more books of the same genre, tone, style and substance.

But, at least for this reader, that method of discovery is not satisfying.

Enter the independent bookstore.

Much more.

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The Short-Form Content Resurgence (Joe Wikert)
I remember the first time I heard the phrase “info snacking,” back in 2007. It was when the Kindle launched and Jeff Bezos said his newfangled device would slow the info snacking trend and enable deeper engagement with content. The Kindle platform certainly launched the ebook revolution, but it’s interesting that it didn’t halt short-form content momentum. In fact, I’d argue that info snacking is more popular than ever before and, ironically, that popularity is largely driven by Bezos’s own company, Amazon.

Company Snapshots: Circular Software (DBW)
Circular Software is a UK company that specializes in software for publishers. This year we have launched two new Mac apps for illustrated publishers, MasterPlan and GreenLight. MasterPlan connects everyone involved in creating illustrated publications to an online, up-to-date view of every spread of every title. GreenLight is a desktop tool that allows publishers to set up workflow-specific checklists of house style and production rules that are instantly shared with every InDesign user both in and out of house.

10 Self-Publishing Trends to Watch (PW)
The future of publishing is fraught with opportunity and peril. Here are 10 trends shaping your future as a writer and/or publisher.

What Happens When Publishers Ignore Copyright Issues (Pub Perspectives)
Can changes to copyright in places like Germany or Canada threaten your business? CCC’s Michael Healy says that in order to protect their revenue, publishers need to know about copyright battles being fought around the world.

Maverick Women Writers Are Upending the Book Industry (Quartz)
Romance novels, home of heavy lids, hot breaths, and grabbed wrists, have long been the embarrassing secret money-maker of the book industry. But today, a renegade generation of self-published authors are redefining the romance novel, adapting to digital in a way that has long-lasting lessons for the book industry.

How to Follow the Social Media Rule of Thirds (IngramSpark)
People seeking to connect with you will be quick to find your social media profiles and eagerly expect new content. This may create a dilemma, however: what should you post? How much content from your book should you share? How much related news? Is it okay to share purely personal updates? Can you share the same content across all of the different social media platforms? Here’s what you need to know about what to post and the social media rule of thirds.

The Fastest-Growing Format in Publishing: Audiobooks (WSJ)
The digital revolution that flummoxed the music, movie and publishing industries has given rise to a surprising winner: the audiobook.

Publishing Go (Bookseller)
Publishing-as-was, was driven by the peccadilloes and fancies of the publishers who had the vision and—clearly—the stubbornness to provide what readers might want to read. Theirs was an individualized leap into the unknown in the days before BookScan and the years before social media.

How Amazon Is Looking to Attract Prime Members in India (Forbes)
After it was reported that Amazon will launch Amazon Prime in India this year, reports now suggest that the company is investing is investing $300 million in creating original video content for Prime Video. This investment would be part of the $3 billion fresh funding for India announced by Amazon earlier this year.

At Berrett-Koehler, an Emphasis on Authors (PW)
B-K hosts an Author Day for each title on its list about eight months before the book’s publication date. Like a kickoff event for a new product launch, the full day of programming includes meetings between the author and the entire B-K staff. The author meets with the various publishing departments, attends marketing and sales meetings, and reviews the production timeline and process.

How I Made and Use My Book Trailer (BookWorks)
Niki Breeser Tschirgi, a BookWorks Featured Author, agreed to share her experience creating and using the trailer for her book “Growing Up Alaska”. Thinking about a trailer for your book? Here’s a glimpse into her process and her recommendation to go for it!

Scholastic Announces Contest for Comic Artists (DBW)
Scholastic announced that it is holding a contest to find up to five comic artists to be published on its Graphix imprint, which is focused on children’s graphic novels. Winners will receive an offer to publish under Graphix and a $15,000 advance.

German Translators’ Survey of Contracts Cites Low Pay Levels (Pub Perspectives)
In its first such report in 15 years, Germany’s translators’ association asserts “the weak position of literary translators in negotiations with large publishing houses.”


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