Hugh Howey’s ‘Silo’ Trilogy Now Available on Booktrack

BooktrackHugh Howey‘s Silo trilogy, including Wool, Shift and Dust, are now available on Booktrack, a platform that syncs text with movie-style soundtracks. Ridley Scott and 20th Century Fox are currently developing the series for film.

Full press release below:

New York Times Bestselling Author Launches Popular Silo Series on Booktrack

NEW YORK – July 7, 2016 – It may sound like the stuff of Science Fiction, but new technology is now allowing readers to experience their favorite books with a synchronized, movie-style soundtrack, and best-selling author Hugh Howey is among the first to bring his stories to this platform. The sci-fi phenom was an early supporter of startup Booktrack (, and today is launching the Booktrack editions of his best-selling trilogy, Silo, to fans of fiction and music the world over.

“Hugh Howey is a modern day science fiction icon and his limitless imagination instantly envisioned a future where a synchronized soundtrack could bring a new dimension to the written word,” said Paul Cameron, Co-founder and CEO of Booktrack. “Hugh’s Silo series is a perfect fit for Booktrack technology and we are sure his fans will enjoy experiencing his blockbuster hits Wool, Shift and Dust with an immersive movie-style soundtrack created by Park Road Post Productions, the sound studio that created the soundtrack for the Hobbit movies”.

The Silo trilogy begins with Wool, and continues with the novels Shift and Dust. The trilogy tells the story of a civilization trapped underground and struggling to survive. Reviewers have called it the next Hunger Games, and the runaway bestseller has been translated into over forty languages. Ridley Scott and 20th Century Fox are currently developing the series for film.

But readers won’t have to wait for the big screen to experience an immersive version of these stories; sci-fi fans can now read the entire Silo trilogy on the Booktrack platform and enjoy each story with a synchronized movie-style soundtrack. Booktrack’s technology tracks a users reading speed to deliver a mix of background music and ambient audio that align to enhance the story at precisely the right moments.

“I was blown away when I read the Booktrack version of Wool. It brings a new immersive element to the story,” said Hugh Howey. “It is like magic! Booktrack knows what I am reading and always manages to deliver just the right combination of music and ambient audio to exactly match what is happening in the scene. This moves storytelling in a new direction, and I’m thrilled with all the possibilities.”

The Silo trilogy is now available at, and as a limited time special offer Booktrack supporters and Hugh Howey fans will be able to purchase all three books for only $14.99 a savings of 40% until July 10, 2016. To celebrate the launch of the Silo Trilogy on Booktrack, Hugh Howey will be available for a Twitter Chat (#booktrackchat) on July 7th at 7p.m. EST, to answer questions around what inspired him to work with Booktrack.

Booktrack (, is an industry leading global technology company that synchronizes movie-style soundtracks and ambient sounds to eBooks. Music and ambient audio are automatically paced to an individual’s reading speed and synchronized to complement and enhance the story while a person reads.

Booktrack is proven* to increase comprehension by 17%, retention by 30%, and reading satisfaction by 35%. Over 3 million readers worldwide enjoy instant access to thousands of stories. Booktrack offers over 16,000 titles in 40 different languages, across all genres of reading.

Backed by investors including Peter Thiel and Weta Digital, Booktrack is a disruptive force in the publishing and audio world, equivalent to how the introduction of sound transformed the experience of film forever. The Booktrack application is available from and in the Apple App Store, Google Play and Google Chrome Stores.

*Evidence-based Educational Outcomes in Literacy from NYU and University of Auckland

Hugh Howey moved onto a sailboat in college and then spent a decade living on boats and working as a yacht captain. His travels took him all over the islands of the Caribbean, up and down the East Coast, and through the Great Lakes. His two great dreams in life have been to sail around the world and to write a novel.

Taking a break from yachting, Hugh found himself in the mountains of North Carolina, where he began a stint as the book editor. Building on these experiences, Hugh wrote his first young-adult novel, MOLLY FYDE AND THE PARSONA RESCUE. The MOLLY FYDE series went on to win rave reviews and praise from readers. His subsequent novels became bestsellers, and now he is fulfilling his second dream of sailing around the world. You can follow his adventures on his web site:

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