How to Build a Successful Indie Press

How to Build a Successful Indie PressOf all the independent publishers I’ve spoken to recently, Chris McVeigh of Fahrenheit Press stands out as one of the most outrageous. He won’t mind me saying that, I’m sure. “Indie Innovation” is about featuring smaller publishers that are doing things a bit differently, and when I heard about Fahrenheit Press’s mantra, it was clear that this publishing house was worth featuring.

McVeigh is certainly not the shy and retiring type, and his publishing house is out to make an impact. In its short life so far, Fahrenheit has persuaded Amazon to let it launch a book with no title, commissioned a rock band to write a song for a book (which was then written into the second edition), launched a fruitful ebook club, and successfully campaigned for a more equal proportion of published female crime writers.

These initiatives aren’t just gimmicks; they are backed up by a solid, growing business and a genuine wish to approach the market differently. After beginning life as a digital-only publisher, McVeigh will be launching Fahrenheit’s books as paperbacks at this year’s London Book Fair.

Fahrenheit Press aims to publish 50 books this year, up from the projected number of 24. A strong performance overall, that’s for sure.

I recently spoke to Fahrenheit Press’s driving force, Chris McVeigh, about how the publishing house operates, what kind of authors it takes on, and much more.

Much more.

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New authors often ask me about the secret to book publishing success. My answer is simple: content. Today’s most successful authors are content machines. They don’t stop writing just because they’ve finished a book. They understand that content—posts, articles, op-eds, guest posts, interviews, podcasts, video, and more—is the engine that drives their visibility.

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Building a strong author platform can start with free content. Every word you write is a tool for promoting your brand and driving book sales. While it may sound counterintuitive, giving away your writing benefits you in the end. The main principle of marketing with free content is that all publicity is good publicity. The more you get your name and writing out there, the easier it is to create brand recognition and gain a following.

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The Frankfurt Book Fair announced that gamescom, Europe’s biggest trade fair for computer and video games, will be held August 17-21 this year, and that five publishing companies will be invited to present their projects. For a chance to be one of the five, companies should send a brief presentation of their projects to the Frankfurt Book Fair.

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Three years after the Supreme Court sided with Supap Kirtsaeng on the matter of whether first sale doctrine allowed him to keep the profits from reselling foreign-language editions of Wiley textbooks, the high court has affirmed lower court rulings (in part) on the matter of whether Kirtsaeng had the right to recover his attorney fees from Wiley.

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