How Reedsy Aims to Streamline Indie Publishing

How Reedsy Aims to Streamline Indie PublishingSince Reedsy’s launch in November 2014, the company has made some interesting moves when it comes to developing its product.

At its core, Reedsy—which was founded by Emmanuel Nataf, Matt Cobb, Ricardo Fayet and Vincent Durand—is an online marketplace that connects independent authors with marketing and design professionals.

And now, with a new product called Reedsy Book Editor, independent authors and editors can also collaborate on documents in real time—much akin to Google Docs. The result of all this is a downloadable book that can be submitted to the Amazon’s Kindle Store or Apple’s iBookstore as an EPUB or mobi file.

The founders say that in the early days of Reedsy, they approached the publishing industry from a reader’s perspective.

Much more.

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