How One Indie Publisher Is Innovating and Flourishing

indie publisher, innovation, dutch, netherlandsFor this latest Indie Innovation entry, I spoke to Joost Nijsen, the renowned founder and owner of successful Dutch independent publishing house, Podium.

Having recently moved to the Netherlands myself, I wanted to explore the publishing industry in this small yet influential country. Since 1997, Nijsen has built a strong and enduring reputation in Dutch publishing, and his publishing house continues to make an impact in these challenging times. So who better for insights on indie publishing in Holland?

Without further ado, here’s my conversation with Joost.

Hi, Joost. Thanks for speaking with us. First, could you tell us a little about Podium and its specialties as a publishing house?

Podium is publisher of Dutch and foreign fiction (including poetry) and quality nonfiction; journalism, but also upmarket cookery books, guides with a twist, and more. At home we’re known for our well-known Dutch writers, such as Kluun, Ronald Giphart, Wilfried de Jong, Arjen Lubach and Inge Schilperoord, amongst others.

Much more.

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