How Podcasts Let Authors Discover New Audiences

authors, podcasts, marketing, salesLaunching an indie book can be a daunting endeavor. An author has so many options for marketing activities that it’s practically impossible to do all of them. Author Jenny Blake tried. But all that work took a toll.

“I crashed three weeks before the book came out,” she said.

So for her second book, Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One, she took a different strategy. “My mantra now is ‘Let it be easy, let it be fun.’”

Blake’s most enjoyable marketing tactic is podcasting, so when it came to planning the publicity campaign, she decided to focus on podcasts as her main activity.

Doing It All Led to Burnout

In the months before the launch of Blake’s first book, a career guide titled Life After College, she took a sabbatical from her job at Google and dove in full force, spreading the word to her target audience.

“I did everything and burned myself out,” she said.

Much more.

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