How Planning Your Audiobook Can Make You a Better Writer

How Planning Your Audiobook Can Make You a Better WriterAs an audiobook narrator, I encourage every author to get her work into audio. However, regardless of whether you ever want to create audiobooks of your titles, these four tips from other authors about planning your audiobook will make you a better writer.

1. Listen to audiobooks.

This first piece of advice surprises many writers. They may have studied the words of other authors, but they’ve never thought much about how the words actually sound.

Jason M. Hough, New York Times bestselling author of The Darwin Elevator, wrote a terrific blog post that outlines five reasons why writers should listen to audiobooks.

Laura Hillenbrand, the New York Times bestselling author of Seabiscuit and Unbroken, has listened to hundreds of audiobooks. According to her interview in the New York Times Magazine, Hillenbrand said her immersion in audiobooks has actually improved her writing because she hears the musicality of the language.

Much more.

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Bezos’s Annual Letter Celebrates ‘Three Big Pillars’ (Pub Lunch)
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos wrote his annual letter to shareholders and, as with last year’s letter, he focuses on the trinity (or “three big pillars”) of Prime, Marketplace, and AWS. (The last time he mentioned readers or Kindle was two years ago.) Prime membership grew 47 percent growth in the US last year and counts “tens of millions of members worldwide.” And “close to 50 percent of units sold on Amazon are sold by third-party sellers” (which includes publishers who sell ebooks on an agency basis).

Bestseller Share: Big Five Dominate NYT Lists in First Quarter (Pub Lunch)
You may recall that we recently introduced tools to track “bestseller share” by house, looking at the “slots” on the NYT printed bestseller lists. In our January post, we established five-year benchmarks by publisher as well, to have some basis for comparison going forward. With the first quarter of 2016 completed, we are ready to start following the bestseller landscape through the year. By the first results, the five largest houses extended their dominance of the NYT’s charts to new levels in the beginning of the year.

Promote a New Release by Marketing the Entire Book Series (BookBub)
When launching a new book in a series, is it best to focus all your marketing efforts on that one book? Or can you increase sales even more by actively marketing the previous books in the series, too? Megg Jensen successfully boosted sales by promoting her entire series when launching a subsequent series book. When she launched the fifth book in her Dragonlands series, Reckoning, she used box sets and clever cross-promotion strategies to keep existing readers engaged while garnering brand new series readers.

A Few Words with London Book Fair’s Director (Pub Perspectives)
“My personal highlight will be meeting the amazing Judith Kerr,” Jacks Thomas tells us in a pre-London Book Fair chat. She’s readying, again, ‘a global platform’ for the books industry.

Audible Sponsors London Book & Screen Week 2016 (Bookseller)
Audible has been announced as the sponsor of London Book & Screen Week 2016. The capital’s seven-day city-wide celebration of books and the films, TV programs and virtual worlds they inspire takes place next week from Monday, April 11th through Sunday the 17th. Now in its second year, it is produced by, and coincides with, The London Book Fair, offering people the chance to experience the vibrancy of the creative industries through discussions, debates, parties and special film showings.

German Children’s Book Publishers on the Language of Illustration (Pub Perspectives)
Can a country have a particular illustration style or aesthetic? Four German publishers tackle this question as the Bologna Book Fair takes place.

A Nigerian Author’s Choice of Publisher (Pub Perspectives)
Having published her first novel with Legend in London, Sarah Ladipo Manyika turns to Abuja’s Cassava Republic for her second outing.

50 Million Reviews! (GoodReads)
In late 2006, I wrote the first book review on Goodreads. It was a simple, two-paragraph review of A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson (5 stars – I recommend it) and I had no idea how popular a book recommendation and review site could become. Since then, you all have really made the review space your own. I may be biased, but I think Goodreads reviews are the best book reviews anywhere! Today, we have reviews that share personal experiences, reviews that include actor photos for dream casts of the book’s characters, quick-but-sharp summary reviews, and so many enthusiastic “you have got to read this!” reviews.

A Multiplicity of University Publishing (Scholarly Kitchen)
If you already have a university press in place, why add library publishing to the mix? And why stop there? Why not allow the special affordances of digital media (low costs, dissemination at the speed of light) to enable publishing centers across any institution with the pluck to take on the effort? This is not a simple question. The answer to it is 42.


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