How Does Your Age Affect Your Reading?

How Does Your Age Affect Your Reading?Last week I explored how reading behavior differs between men and women. The analysis was based on observations that Jellybooks made as part of reading analytics studies with publishers that recorded how people read ebooks.

This week, we will take a closer look at how a different factor impacts reading: age.

Do books have age-specific audiences?

We will not look at the age of book buyers, but rather at how reading a book, and specifically the completion rate (the percentage of readers who finish reading a book), correlates with age. Completion rates are an interesting proxy for understanding how strongly a book engages a specific reader and whether a book appeals to a certain audience segment more than to a different group of readers.

In short, the answer is that the completion rate for books is often quite age-dependent. This is very much unlike the case of gender. So let’s have a closer look.

Much more.

Andrew Rhomberg is hosting a workshop titled “Data-Smart Book Publishing” at Digital Book World 2016.

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B&N Planning an Amazon-Style Store (PW)
In a conference call talking about second quarter results, Barnes & Noble CEO Ron Boire said that the nation’s largest bookselling chain was working on a new prototype store. More details emerged about the creation of a bricks-and-mortar store that integrates online elements at the annual eTail West conference in Palm Springs, Calif., although the company did not give any specifics on the size, location, or opening date beyond calendar year 2016.

5 Questions with Sanj Kharbanda, SVP, Digital Markets, HMH (DBW)
Sanj Kharbanda is Senior Vice President of Digital Markets at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, where he manages the publisher’s digital marketing strategy, including for trade publishing, K-12 and consumer markets. At Digital Book World 2016, Kharbanda will be moderating a panel called “Standing Out in the Stacks: Marketing That Works.” We recently spoke to Kharbanda about how HMH has weathered the digital transformation, what his thoughts are on the future of the industry, and what his DBW panel will focus on.

BookShout Named Digital Content Distribution Partner for SXSW 2016 (DBW)
South by Southwest (SXSW), the internationally-renowned music, film and technology gathering in Austin, Texas, has named BookShout their ebook and digital content distribution partner for the second year in a row.

‘Open eBooks’ Project Goes Live (Pub Lunch)
The Open eBooks project—a private effort inspired by President Obama as part of his larger ConnectEd initiative—has gone live, announced by the White House, with encouragement from Michelle Obama. As previously announced, the program makes available a large collection of ebooks for free to low-income students in need.

President Obama to Nominate Librarian of Congress (White House)
President Barack Obama announced his intent to nominate Dr. Carla D. Hayden as Librarian of Congress. Dr. Hayden is CEO of the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, Maryland, a position she has held since 1993. Dr. Hayden was nominated by President Obama to be a member of the National Museum and Library Services Board in January 2010 and was confirmed by the Senate in June 2010.

Amazing Disgrace: The ‘Pride’ of The Huffington Post (Writer Unboxed)
It’s one of the longest-running shrugs in contemporary writing life, the vexing issue of The Huffington Post not paying a reputed 100,000 bloggers who write for it. The matter was blown open again recently when Steve Hewlett on BBC Radio 4’s The Media Show interviewed Huffington Post UK’s editor-in-chief Stephen Hull.

Publishing for Kids: Top Online Marketing Tips (BookMachine)
The first thing to consider is always your audience. There are three things to address straight off the bat: 1) Are we talking to parents or directly to children? 2) If the latter, how do we verify consent? 3) Where would our audience (parents or children) be hanging out online? Once you’ve thought about those three things, you can start thinking creatively.

India’s Literary Festivals Multiply Amid Anxiety over Free Expression (NY Times)
Literary notables including Margaret Atwood, Aleksandar Hemon and Thomas Piketty came to Jaipur, India toward the end of January, appearing before large crowds at the Diggi Palace, an 18th-century complex temporarily filled with tents, food kiosks and bookstores. Some 330,000 people showed up, breaking the attendance record and once again making the Jaipur Literature Festival the largest event of its kind in the world.

Pitching a Book at the Berlinale Film Festival (Pub Perspectives)
For a second time, Turkey’s Kalem Literary Agency pitched a book to a crowd of film producers at the Berlinale Film Festival. Agent Nazlı Gürkaş shares the experience and some advice.


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