How Authors Can Spend Less Time Marketing and Still Sell Books

social media, authors, marketing, books, sales, twitter, facebookIf you’re an author who is struggling by trying to be all things to all people on every social media channel, then I’ve got some good news: you really only need to be engaging on one social media site to set up an effective marketing presence.

There are four steps to the process of selling more books with less social media, and we’ve already covered parts one and two in this series:

Find and build your audience.
Designate your primary social media channel for selling and engaging.

In this third step, we’re going to learn how to set up what I call “outpost channels,” or places where you have a presence but you don’t engage. An outpost channel is an aid for discovery and allows you to be found in a channel’s search engine, but redirects potential fans to the one place where you are interacting with readers.

Outposts are not set-it-and-forget-it channels, however. They become redirecting billboards, especially if they give you the ability to put up a cover photo, pin a message, or use your bio for active links.

When it comes to deciding which channels to set up as outposts, there are five measures to look at.

Much more.

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In July, AAP Trade Dollars Shifted from Adult Hardcovers to New Potter (Pub Lunch)
Still running behind, the AAP issued their monthly StatShot statistics for July 2016 — aka the month when Harry Potter and the Cursed Child shipped into stores and went on sale (on July 31). We’ve known since three months ago from Scholastic’s public reporting that the new Potter release helped lift the company’s US trade division sales by just under $70 million, and indeed the July AAP stats show children’s hardcover sales for the month rising by $52.9 million compared to a year ago.

Libraries and Bookstores Are Getting into Indie Publishing (BookWorks)
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HarperCollins, which launched its daily Facebook Live programming in June and has since reached nearly 10 million views, kicked off its holiday programming last week. The publisher is broadcasting the videos, which vary in host and subject and typically last between 15 and 45 minutes, live from its website as well as on Facebook.

Writing Retreats: How to Make the Most of One (Jane Friedman)
One of the ways that retreats help us to write is by greatly reducing our usual distractions. Away from home, spouse, family, friends, pets, jobs, laundry, stacks of work and unopened mail, we experience the freshness of arriving somewhere new.

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How do writers and publishers handle charged topics like climate change? Environmentalist Jamie Clarke makes a case for including more perspectives, both for the sake of book sales and the planet.

I Don’t Know the First Thing About This Issue (Seth Godin)
Actually, you do. It’s likely that you don’t know the last thing. But the first? You know enough to know you don’t know everything.

Now More Than Ever (PW)
People have been streaming into the bookstore, all with a common desire: to share worthwhile books with the people they care about. This passion is stronger than ever this year. We can feel a shift in shoppers’ priorities; families seem increasingly impatient with the consumer madness that overshadows what can be a warm, sparkly time at home with loved ones.

Datalogics Launches Bookvia Mobile Reading Platform (DBW)
Datalogics announced that it has released Bookvia, a new mobile reading platform that is integrated with Sony DADC’s User Rights Management System.


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