How a Bestselling Romance Writer Cranks Out Her Books

authors, books, writing, marketingLaurie Starkey is an indie author dynamo. She’s written 88 works of fiction in 20 months. Thirty of those 88 books were created as a ghostwriter. The other 50, she wrote and produced under several pen names, including Ali Parker, Kate Thomas and L. A. Starkey.

Starkey writes in the Young Adult, paranormal New Adult, Erotica and Romance categories, and her highest sales are Contemporary Romance, New Adult Romance and Romantic Suspense novels.

I spoke with Starkey about her marketing strategies and production schedule.

This is part two in a two-part series. You can read part one here.

BB: Laurie, how did you get started as an indie author?

LS: I am actually a CPA, so I’m very left-brained. I moved into this new right-brain life because I am creative and there’s a side of me that wants to tell a good story and instill hope in people.

Much more.

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