Here’s a Consumer Feature and Marketing Opportunity for E-Readers

e-reader, e-reading, ebooksWe take it for granted that when we open our favorite ebook app it automatically jumps right to the last book we were reading. And while that’s handy, I’d like to see at least one other option when I open the app.

How about a reader-customized landing page? This page should be fully configurable, based exclusively on my particular interests. For example, we all have our favorite genres, topics and authors we like to follow. Let’s start off by allowing readers to place a widget on this landing page showing the top five bestsellers in their favorite category.

Another widget I’d love to see is a quick and easy way to grab samples of newly published (or upcoming) books in my preferred categories. So maybe a top five list again with a one-click sample download button next to each cover.

Much more.

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Ebook Sales Fell 13% in 2015, Nielsen Reports (PW)
Unit sales of ebooks published by traditional publishers fell 13 percent in 2015 compared to 2014, said Kempton Mooney of Nielsen during a Thursday panel aimed at examining different publishing markets.

A Meaningful Discussion on Publishers and Authors (Pub Perspectives)
On the show floor, the crowds and booths are down. In one unusually frank exchange, however, this BEA finds traction on issues of publishing and its writers.

BEA Weathers the Move to Chicago (PW)
After something of a slow start when the exhibition hall opened at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, May 11, book-buyer traffic at the 2016 BookExpo America—which ran through Friday, May 13, at Chicago’s McCormick Place—picked up noticeably on Thursday, May 12. “I am much more optimistic Thursday afternoon than I was yesterday,” said Abrams CEO Michael Jacobs. Friday’s traffic followed the usual pattern of the show’s last day: there was some buzz early on, but it quieted down in the afternoon.

How Much Did Kindle Unlimited Pay Per Page Read in April, 2016? (Chris McMullen)
The Kindle Unlimited per-page rate improved nearly 4 percent up to $0.00495663 for April, 2016. (Compare this to $0.00477885 for March, 2016.) This is up 21 percent over January’s rate of $0.00411. A nice trend. The KDP Select Global Fund held steady at $14.9M for April, 2016 (identical to March).

Hybrid Booksellers on the Increase (Bookseller)
An increase in sales of print books, a growing disaffection with e-tailers and the burgeoning trend of “enhanced” bookshops has led many trade figures to branch out into running bricks-and-mortar stores, with the synergy between the seemingly disparate sides of the business not to be understated.

BEA 2016: Fauzia Burke: Marketer Turns Author (PW)
It’s been more than 21 years since Fauzia Burke opened her own online book marketing consulting business, FSB Associates, after working at both Henry Holt and Wiley in-house. Yet even after advising publishers of all sizes and authors at all stages of their careers—including Deepak Chopra, Alan Alda, and former senator Bill Bradley—the industry insider says that getting to put her expertise onto the printed pages is still strange.

One in Five Books Sold in China Is by an International Author (PW)
OpenBook is China’s equivalent of Nielsen, in that it tracks sales in the retail book market. Jiang Yangping, General Manager of OpenBook, noted that China’s book market was valued at 62.4 billion yuan ($9.6 billion), with growth up 12.8 percent from 2014, when sales were 55.3 billion yuan ($8.5 billion). There are 1.68 million titles currently available in the market.

Actually, More Data Might Not Be What You’re Hoping for (Seth Godin)
They got us hooked on data. Advertisers want more data. Direct marketers want more data. Who saw it? Who clicked? What percentage? What’s trending? What’s yielding? But there’s one group that doesn’t need more data… Anyone who’s making a long-term commitment. Anyone who seeks to make art, to make a difference, to challenge the status quo.

Promoting the Backlist (PW)
Few terms are more discouraging to authors than backlist. If a book is backlisted, that means it has slipped to the back pages of the publisher’s catalogue, it now gets little or no attention from booksellers, and (worst of all) there is no longer any budget for promotion.

Librarians Meet at BookExpo America (ALA)
“We used to feel like we were sneaking in,” Nora Rawlinson said of her early experiences as a librarian attending the American Booksellers Association event now known as BookExpo America (BEA). Rawlinson, cofounder and editor of, said she’d have to register as “Baltimore Public Library Book Sales” in order to get a badge. “Now we’re here and we’re VIPs, so forget about all that.”


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