Harlequin Launches BookBreaks App for Serialized Stories

HarlequinHarlequin announced today that it has released a new app called BookBreaks that offers romance readers a convenient way to read serialized stories.

Full press release below:

Harlequin’s BookBreaks App Finds the Read that Fits Your Mood

Toronto (July 5, 2016)—Harlequin has released a convenient new mobile application that allows readers to tailor their reading experience to suit their mood or surroundings. The Book Breaks app provides romance readers with a handy menu for customizing their reading experience. Waiting in line for a coffee? The BookBreak app suggests a number of brief but rewarding stories to fill just that amount of time. Looking for just the right tale to brighten up a dull day? The menu recommends a selection of lively reads— from “Edge of Your Seat” suspenses to “Trip Down the Aisle” romances— to pick you up.

BookBreaks is an ingeniously useful new access point for Harlequin.com’s tremendously popular Online Reads content—serialized romance stories with new chapters available daily or weekly. More than 300 online reads—with more added monthly—are accessed every day by almost quarter of a million readers. Book Breaks presents users with the ability to search across this vast collection of romances stories for the perfect tale by mood, free time or favorite author.

Once a story has been selected, readers are provided with additional details, including a plot description, the number of chapters released, the next chapter release date, a link to the chapter list and related reads. Users also have the ability to set notifications (ensuring they stay up-to-date on content they want to follow), read multiple stories at once, add favorites to their list, get recommendations based on favorite reads/authors and share stories with friends.

The Book Breaks app is free for download and available for iOs devices in the Apple App Store and Android Devices on Google Play.

About Harlequin

Harlequin (Harlequin.com) is one of the world’s leading publishers of books for women, with titles issued worldwide in as many as 34 languages and sold in up to 102 international markets. The company publishes more than 110 titles monthly and more than 1,300 authors from around the world. Harlequin is a division of HarperCollins Publishers, the second-largest consumer book publisher in the world with operations in 11 countries. For more information, please visit Harlequin.com and Facebook.com/HarlequinBooks. Follow Harlequin on Twitter: @HarlequinBooks.

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One thought on “Harlequin Launches BookBreaks App for Serialized Stories

  1. Michael W. Perry

    I will never understand why anyone reads romantic fiction. It simply isn’t my genre. I pushed myself through Pride and Prejudice because it’s excellently written. But my impression is that for 99% of the tales, almost all the dramatic tension comes because the central man and woman are failing to talk to one another. One five-minute conversation and all would be well. Even the romantic classic of them all, Romeo and Juliet, ends in tragedy due to miscommunication.

    That said, what Harlequin is doing with this app is absolutely brilliant. They’re blending short stories with long serialized novels in a way that should appeal to their readers and allow them to evade the clutches of Amazon to link directly with readers. Other large publishers (or consortiums of smaller ones) might want to do something similar with scifi, thrillers, biographies, history, and the like.



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