Ganxy Announces New Bulk Ebook Sales Feature

GanxyGanxy, a company that helps publishers sell their content digitally, announced yesterday the launch of Ganxy Bulk Sales, a new feature that allows publishers to automate bulk sales and special orders directly from their website.

In a blog post, the company wrote, “Until now, eBook bulk orders and special sales haven’t happened as often as they could. It’s been too much of a hassle for both the buyer and the seller.”

The company’s new service, however, allows customers to order ebooks in bulk with the same ease that they would when ordering a single copy. It also “allows discounts, makes pricing transparent, and automates transactions.”

Moreover, publishers using Ganxy’s service can choose to offer bulk sales through their own website, an author’s website or a third-party site, like a blog or news outlet.

The company says its new service has been tested “vigorously” and has already provided impressive results.

From the blog post: “One publisher sold over $18,000 worth of books in a single transaction. A pharmaceutical company’s division purchased an eBook for each employee. A bank bought eBooks for all 3,500 attendees of a conference. Another company bought books as gifts for each of the 10,000 subscribers on their email list. We even had a bookstore buy eBooks through our system, to resell in their store.”

Ganxy also works with audio, video and educational content.

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