Everything You Need to Know About Being a Hybrid Author

authors, self-publishing, hybrid author, indie publishing, publishersDigital publishing has drastically changed the landscape of the publishing industry, opening up new paths to success. Once upon a time, the only way for an author to get their books into the hands of readers was to land a deal with a publisher and allow them to distribute your title. This took a lot of time, and many authors were turned away time and time again.

Out of the invention and rising popularity of ebooks rose the self-publishing industry, which allowed authors to bring their books into the world themselves. For a time, it seemed that there would be two separate sides to the publishing industry, with indie authors on one side and traditional authors on the other. Hybrid authors proved that hypothesis to be false by embracing both paths.

We reached out to some of our hybrid authors to learn more about hybrid authorship. Below is what we found.

Much more.

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Bowker Now Cites at Least 625,327 US Indie Books Published in 2015 (Pub Perspectives)
Likely the most authoritative count of a year’s US self-published books, Bowker’s figure sorts out how many titles are represented by the number of indie ISBNs sold in 2015.

The Neighborhood Bookstore’s Unlikely Ally? The Internet (NY Times)
When Peter Makin opened Brilliant Books five years ago, he quickly realized his business wouldn’t survive in this remote locale if his only customers were local buyers.

Changes Going On Around Here (Mike Shatzkin)
This post is personal, but it is also business. It’s about the shifts taking place in my personal corner of the publishing world, but which will soon enough touch the marketing of many books.

Trendwatch: Holographic Displays, Emotional Gaming, VR for Kids (Futurebook)
From 3D children’s storytelling to a biometrically-controlled card game, here are three trends that publishing professionals might just want to take notice of this month.

The Chain Gang (Bookseller)
Last week I wrote that if content is king, access is now the executive. What then of distribution? Without it, access is irrelevant and content simply withers—alone and unloved. The issue of getting books to consumers (and vice versa) has been raised twice at recent events—and on each occasion from a slightly different perspective.

Amazon Launches Prime Reading Benefit (DBW)
Amazon added a new benefit to its Prime service. Prime Reading, available only in the U.S., allows Prime members unlimited access to a rotating selection of books, magazines and comics at no additional cost.

PRH Launches 11-Week Serialized Story Series (DBW)
Penguin Random House and its Crown Publishing Group division have launched “Season of Stores,” an 11-week series that sends serialized stories directly to readers’ inboxes. Readers can sign up now to begin receiving stories October 11.

Smashwords Enhances Coupon Manager Tool (DBW)
Smashwords has made two enhancements to its Coupon Manager tool to give authors and publishers more flexibility over their promotions.

What Writers Too Often Overlook: Having a Call to Action (Jane Friedman)
Few writers have given much thought to having a call to action that’s associated with their work. “Call to action” is a marketing term that refers to the one thing you’d like someone to do if they’ve enjoyed or otherwise been affected by your work.

Prize Ideas for Book Promotion Contests and Giveaways (BookBub)
Giveaways and contests can grab readers’ attention whether you’re trying to promote a book launch or create buzz for a backlist book. In exchange for taking an action you specify — for example, sharing social media content or submitting fan art — readers get something in return that makes them excited to participate.

A Very Clear Vision for the Book (Pub Perspectives)
“There’s always an element of surprise and unpredictability regarding what draws people to covers,” says Canongate art director and Rising Star Rafaela Romaya.


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