One thought on “Effective and Descriptive Metadata: Writing Marketing Copy That Sells

  1. Michael W. Perry

    Ah, but you’ve not dealt with the greatest problem with quoting from book reviews at media outlets. You assume that the NY Times Book Review, the LA Times, and O, The Oprah Magazine are highly credible. In an era when their credibility is often described as being in “free fall,” a short blurb from one doesn’t carry much weight. Google “media credibility” for what the polls say, and those polls probably understate the problem.

    A partisan media like that we saw with Election 2016 loses twice over. It loses readers and viewers by being one-sided. It loses advertisers who realize that, when news coverage is distrusted, their advertisements are less effective. Book reviews are regarded by many as being like advertisements. Indeed, how many are done to please a major publisher who is also an advertiser? I shudder to think. Money speaks loudly in today’s impoverished press, perhaps too loudly.

    The press is also losing the generational war. Those who read and watch the news are rapidly aging. I recently watched NBC News and was struck that almost all the ads were for prescription medicines for seniors. They’re apparently the only ones who still watch TV news, or at least NBC News.

    On the rare occasions when I do watch, I find myself muttering criticisms. In that episode I watched a few months back, NBC News spent some five minutes treating as “news” a view for which they presented no evidence. And notice that I said “no evidence.” The evidence wasn’t poor or inadequate. It simply did not exist. That’s pitiful.

    Given failures that dreadful, why should we take seriously what their colleagues a few blocks away are saying in their papers about a book, for good or ill? A poor book may get praised simply because its author has friends in the press. A good one may get attacked—or more likely ignored—because what it says doesn’t fit with some currently fashionable dogma.



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