Digital Book World 2016 Wrap-Up

The 2016 Digital Book World Conference came and went this week and was a resounding success. All you have to do is search Twitter for #DBW16 to get a sense of how much tweeting and conversation was going on throughout the three-day event.

It all started on Monday, with the Launch Kids Conference, Nielsen sessions, masterclasses and workshops. Then on Tuesday, the event moved to the main stage with presentations from SEO wizard Rand Fishkin and USC Professor Jonathan Taplin, as well as a conversation with Barnes & Noble’s new chief digital officer, Fred Argir.

Then on Wednesday, Michael Cader of Publisher’s Lunch opened the final day with an overview of industry data before bringing onstage one of the biggest attractions of the week, Data Guy. The day also featured a fascinating discussion of gender equality in publishing and tech, as well as an impassioned presentation by Professor Scott Galloway on Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google.

Below are links to all of DBW’s coverage of the week.

Dominique Raccah: ‘The Surprise Transformation in Our Industry’
David Kleeman: Discovering Storytelling Possibilities with Technology
Librarians Say Kids Prefer Physical Books
What It Takes to Create Digital Learning Products for Kids
Andrew Rhomberg: How and Why We Measure a Book’s Audience
Finding Your Most Valuable Customers with Data
Jonathan Taplin: Platform—Not Content—Is King
B&N CDO Fred Argir: ‘We Must Win the Mobile Experience’
How Rodale Transformed Its Business in the Digital Age
Rand Fishkin on SEO: ‘Failure + Learning x Time = Success’
Audiobook Leaders Discuss Discoverability and Audible
What Today’s Investors Are Looking for in Publishers
4 Book Startups to Watch Out for in 2016
Michael Cader on a ‘Really, Really Complex Marketplace’
How Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google Are Changing Publishing
Virginia Heffernan: The Internet Changed Literacy
Female Publishing Leaders Talk Gender Equality at Work
How Publishers and ‘Hybrid’ Authors Are Working Together
What Publishers Need to Know About Copyright

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One thought on “Digital Book World 2016 Wrap-Up

  1. Rav Smith

    While searching on twitter I found lots of tweets by Online Marketers with the tag #DBW16. One of my favorite Rand Fishkin also gave presentation at the conference.



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