Data-Driven Publisher Inkitt Turns One

Inkitt[Press Release]


BERLIN, FEBRUARY 18, 2016: Half a million stories have been read on Inkitt, the data-driven writing community, since the company launched in 2015. The Berlin-based publishing startup this week marks its first year in business.

Inkitt ( is an online writing community where budding authors can share their stories and inquisitive readers can unearth fresh content. But Inkitt is more than just a publishing platform: the website has a built-in artificially intelligent algorithm that analyses reading patterns to uncover blockbuster books. Once these future bestsellers are found, Inkitt will work with leading publishers to get its top-read books to print.

Founders Ali Albazaz and Linda Gavin created Inkitt to bridge the gap between offline and online publishing. “The list of bestselling books that publishers have rejected is huge: Harry Potter was knocked back 12 times, Twilight was rejected 14 times and Stephen King’s Carrie was refused by 30 publishers. Our algorithm is objective and based on statistics. If you come to Inkitt with a bestseller in the making, it will become a bestseller,” Albazaz says.

The pair were particularly inspired by the story of Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James, who initially published her bestselling series on fan fiction websites and rewrote each chapter based on feedback from the online community. The books were then picked up by a small Australian publisher and published electronically before they eventually caught the eye of Random House.

Inkitt now counts 15 employees at its Berlin office and is growing fast. Its users range in age from 14 up to 87, with most based in the US, UK, Australia and Canada. Fantasy, science fiction and horror have so far proved to be the most popular genres.

Highlights from the past year include a series of competitions to uncover new writing talent as well as AMAs with leading authors and celebrities. A fan fiction competition with American actor Alan Tudyk of Firefly and Con Man fame is currently underway.

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4 thoughts on “Data-Driven Publisher Inkitt Turns One

  1. NouveauWriter

    To further my previous comment – this report about the launch of Inkitt is dated for 2014.
    It clearly states “Inkitt, founded in 2012, claims to offer writers a platform to share their work and to be ‘crowd-edited’ by fellow members” and that that Inkitt was “founded as a side-project by CEO Ali Albazaz in 2012”.
    This would imply that Inkitt is not 1-year-old, but rather 5 years old.

    1. Ali Albazaz

      Hi NouveauWriter,

      Thanks for your comment. I had the Idea for Inkitt in 2012, then started working on the site and launched it in private beta. In 2015 we launched to the public.


      1. NouveauWriter

        There are multiple threads and even articles that you interviewed for that suggest otherwise. Simply Googling “Inkitt 2014” comes up with a plethora of results.
        It would seem that you were far beyond being at a beta stage in 2014 at least. So while you are perhaps not 5, the internet footprint you have left behind would suggest that you are at least officially 3. The reports of people being suspicious of you actively start in 2014. You contacted multiple writing sites and even appear on blogs and conduct minor interviews with time-stamps as early as January 2014.

        You were very obviously launched to the public then.
        All the information points to you having started 5-years-ago and then become public (albeit quietly) 3-years-ago. So why claim to be 1-year-old? It just adds to the suspicion of those who are already very wary of your site. If you look into Inkitt and do not follow the Rabbit Hole of concerned chatter then you appear great. Talk to writers on established websites and you do not, especially now that many feel that you are lying about your age and success on top of it all.

        1. Ali Albazaz

          Thanks for the comment. Inkitt was in private beta before January 2015 and everyone had to be invited manually. It was a very small lovely community back then. We’re now much more mature and Inkitt has grown 40x times in userbase since then. Best, Ali



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