Company Snapshots: PublishSoSimply

Company SnapshotsIn “Company Snapshots,” we pose a series of questions to leading providers of digital products and services and let them speak for themselves about what their company does, how they benefit publishers, and what they believe the biggest trends in the industry are. In today’s entry, we have PublishSoSimply.

PublishSoSimplyWhat does your company do?
PublishSoSimply helps marketers save time and money by providing an easy-to-use online tool to create and publish responsive and interactive long-form content, such as white papers, ebooks and reports. We are a disruptive technology for PDF files in marketing communications. Using PublishSoSimply, marketers can not only create engaging content, but also measure its effectiveness.

What’s unique about your company compared to your competitors?
We combine natural reading experience from cover to cover with technology from web design. Users can create outstanding, interactive content by themselves using a simple drag-and-drop editor. They can add videos, social media posts, maps and plenty of other interactive elements. Our publications are responsive, easy to share and easy to read in all browsers and on all devices. And thanks to the analytics we provide, users know their audience and are able to create better content.

What’s the single biggest benefit your customers get from your service?
For those who use only PDF files, it is a big leap in innovation. They switch from static files limited to texts and photos to dynamic, interactive and easily accessible online content, which brings more engagement and sales.

What’s the single biggest problem for your customers right now?
Small publishers, such as communication agencies or marketing departments, see a huge opportunity in content marketing, but they still don’t have simple tools to do it right. Current solutions are complicated and expensive. With limited budgets and time, they can’t afford them, so they’re stuck with old-school technologies that are hard to adjust to the modern mobile world.

What’s the single biggest opportunity for your customers right now?
Easy-to-use marketing technologies give small and medium companies the opportunity to create content that is interactive, accessible and attractive for their audiences. Even with limited budgets and time, they can easily provide high-quality content and increase sales.

What industry trends do you think will have the greatest impact on your customers over the next 24 months?
Interactive storytelling is going to be one of the most significant trends in the next couple years. As readers feel more and more overloaded with information, they become selective and demand content that is relevant and attractive. It is hard to keep their attention, which is why brands will be focusing more and more on telling their stories in a compelling way, using a variety of interactive formats. Personalized content will also have a great impact on the process of increasing engagement.

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