Company Snapshots: Klopotek

Company SnapshotsIn “Company Snapshots,” we pose a series of questions to leading providers of digital products and services and let them speak for themselves about what their company does, how they benefit publishers, and what they believe the biggest trends in the industry are. In today’s entry, we have Klopotek.

KlopotekWhat does your company do?
Klopotek develops software solutions for both print and digital publishers. Our products support publishers in virtually every sector for the book publishing industry and does so on a global basis. Our products are available to support multiple locations, multiple currencies and multiple languages.

What’s unique about your company compared to your competitors?
Klopotek is a company comprised of both business and IT professionals from the publishing industry. We are a truly international enterprise with a staff that is fluent in 17 languages. We actively participate in and sponsor industry events, including workshops.

What’s the single biggest benefit your customers get from your service?
The experience we bring to our clients after having successfully implemented hundreds of projects over almost a quarter of a century in business. We live and breathe “best practices.”

What’s the single biggest problem for your customers right now?
Trying to rationalize whether they should continue to think of themselves as publishers, entertainers, keepers of intellectual property, or educators. In short, we believe many publishers are having identity issues: what do they want to be going forward, and deciding on the technology needed to achieve their objectives.

What’s the single biggest opportunity for your customers right now?
There an explosion of information, especially unstructured data, and it’s being percolated from many more distribution channels than in the past. How to harness this to their benefit is both a tremendous challenge and opportunity.

What industry trends do you think will have the greatest impact on your customers over the next 24 months?
There’s an age old saying that “marketing drives everything.” IBM became successful not because it had the best technology, but because it knew how to market its products. New techniques in marketing (inbound marketing, drip marketing) combined with efficient management of the social media channels will be key to successful product launches.

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