Company Snapshots: Cenveo Publisher Services

Company SnapshotsIn “Company Snapshots,” we pose a series of questions to leading providers of digital products and services and let them speak for themselves about what their company does, how they benefit publishers, and what they believe the biggest trends in the industry are. In today’s entry, we have Cenveo Publisher Services.

Cenveo Publisher ServicesWhat does your company do?
Cenveo provides publishers and content-centric organizations with transformative publishing solutions. We transform content from one format to other formats for distribution and delivery. An easy example of this is transforming a Word document to a specific flavor of XML or an EPUB or MOBI. We also transform concepts and ideas into revenue-generating products, and we transform publishing workflows to speed up time to market and reduce redundancies.

What’s unique about your company compared to your competitors?
Cenveo is a US-owned organization with offices in India and the UK. That means colleagues who work in our Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi or Bangalore offices receive the same benefits as those in our Lancaster, PA or Richmond, VA offices. Providing a good work environment for employees translates to dedicated staff with very little turnover. We find that it’s very important when publishers like McGraw Hill ask for the same production resources and we are able to oblige. Additionally, we employ subject matter experts. If an educational publisher needs to develop curriculum for 6th grade math or science, we are ready to support that publisher with editorial, production and subject matter expertise.

What’s the single biggest benefit your customers get from your service?
Editorial excellence at an affordable price. The proliferation of offshore vendors has brought pricing models down. We know that publishers’ budgets are tighter than ever with the need for high-quality competitive content a “must have.” While cheap pricing is initially attractive, publishers are finding that thoughtfulness and editorial quality have been slipping away over the years. With so much technology integrated into publishers’ workflows, it’s easy to forget that human QA ensures premium editorial and production services. And this is why Cenveo, despite our technology-based processes, remains focused on hiring the best people to serve our clients.

What’s the single biggest problem for your customers right now?
We recently hosted a Lunch & Learn event in NYC for publishers. This is a forum in which we bring together publishing executives to discuss topics of interest to the larger industry. It’s an informal and collaborative event. At the table, the most challenging problem book publishers were facing was producing the quality content that’s in their DNA and recognizing appropriate revenue. For example, Amazon and Apple are destroying profit margins for publishers, and that’s for both print and digital products. Think about it: a college textbook publisher has one year to cover editorial and production costs for a tome that might only be published every four or five years.

What’s the single biggest opportunity for your customers right now?
Establishing a dedicated and niche audience. How do you get content in the hands of your customers without losing precious revenue? It’s not easy and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. But what we’ve seen is that publishers who can establish dedicated audiences are seeing customers return for more product, and that impacts revenue in a positive way. When more publishers really develop their customer experiences and then collect and analyze data, they can produce content that is aligned with market needs.

What industry trends do you think will have the greatest impact on your customers over the next 24 months?
It’s called different things based on your publishing niche, but we believe e-learning will receive incredible growth. Some folks just call it “digital” or “interactives” or “animation.” And it’s not just for educational publishers anymore. Of course large organizations have long offered training programs, but we believe all organizations, no matter their size or publishing niche, can re-tune their content to create engaging digital experiences for customers in which they learn because, really, whenever we pick up a book what are we doing… Learning!

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