codeMantra Announces collectionPoint 4.0

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codeMantra Announces collectionPoint 4.0
cP 4.0: The Ultimate Content Services Platform

Content creation to delivery in one unified platform

Boston, MA, April 12, 2016: codeMantra announced today the next generation of its well-established collectionPoint platform. The new and greatly enhanced platform – collectionPoint 4.0 – supports the entire publishing content lifecycle from content creation to delivery in one unified system.

New/enhanced capabilities include:

• Collaboration- efficient management of content creation and production
• Distribution- instantaneous and automated global delivery of product and metadata
• Sales Reporting- analytic business insights into product and content performance
• Engagement- connection with customers through publisher brand and content
• Data Exchange- with external systems through APIs

“Publishers told us about the challenges and aspirations they faced driving their business forward. We listened. We set out to use technology, automation and process management to build a better mousetrap. We relied on our deep industry experience to make sure the next generation of collectionPoint was focused on improving the competitive position of our publishing partners. cP 4.0 is the result,” said Ed Marino, codeMantra’s Chairman and CEO.

Building on a robust, proven platform, collectionPoint 4.0 offers a range of services in three major categories:

• Collaborate—on cP: products and services in this category address the need for the efficient, collaborative production of content. Collaborate – on cP solutions specifically align with a publisher’s existing workflow, saving time and money. Project management, quality control with versioning, change tracking and the ability to lock documents are among the features.

• Manage—on cP: a solution for the management and distribution of products and metadata across global channels. The analytical and reporting tools provide publishers with essential business insight. This suite of services addresses important challenges in the management and reporting of vast amounts of metadata and product assets through a wide range of distribution channels, institutions and third-party vendors.

• Engage—on cP: a solution for customer engagement that leverages the publisher’s content and brand across a range of services including product catalog generation, direct-to-consumer delivery and community engagement.

cP 4.0 features a number of core platform improvements. With the addition of an application program interface (API) the architecture is that much more adaptive and capable of communicating with external systems. High-speed file transfer has been enabled with the addition of efficient data acceleration algorithms and infrastructure greatly improving productivity and turn-around-times.

“cP 4.0 is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We understand from our publishers that we need to have the depth and breadth to solve a wide range of problems. We also know that we need to be able to provide both flexibility and scalability,” said Sanjeev Kalyanaraman, Chief Technology & Product Officer. “That’s why cP is configurable to meet the needs of a publisher through standardized modules that work seamlessly with one another, forged into a unique, on-target solution.”

cP 4.0 is configured to meet the specific customer needs. The rollout of cP 4.0 to new and existing customers will take place beginning in Q2-2016. codeMantra also plans to add further capabilities to cP 4.0 throughout 2016.

codeMantra is revolutionizing the publishing content life cycle through technology, innovation, and attention to industry and customer requirements. The company provides customized solutions, integrated with a publisher’s existing workflow to better manage content production, as well as the commercial and non-commercial delivery of assets and metadata. codeMantra’s technology enabled services are focused on improving the competitive position of its publishing partners. The company is headquartered in Boston, MA and has offices in Oxford, UK and Chennai, India. For more information about codeMantra, please contact Susan Peterson ( or 908-239-5519).

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