CCC Launches RightFind Content Decision Support

Copyright Clearance CenterCopyright Clearance Center announced today the launch of RightFind Content Decision Support, an easy-to-use, cloud-based analytics platform that helps information center managers make data-driven decisions to optimize content investments.

According to a press release, CDS “combines comprehensive usage and spend data, predictive analytics and data visualizations, and budget forecast and planning tools in a single solution designed to help information managers bring actionable intelligence to their content acquisition strategy.”

RightFind CDS allows information managers to access content usage and spend insights; quickly create presentations using data; identify coverage gaps and content usage trends; and shorten the annual budget cycle with forecast and planning tools.

“Our customers increasing rely on data and analytics to help justify and defend their content spend and investments,” said Lauren Tulloch, director of corporate products and services at CCC. “With just a few clicks, RightFind CDS allows them to tap into global, enterprise-wide usage data and let the data tell their content ROI story.”

Copyright Clearance Center, with locations in the US, UK, Netherlands, Spain, Romania and Japan, suppports publishers, businesses and academic institutions with content workflow, document delivery, text and data mining, and rights licensing.

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