CCC Announces Enhancements to RightFind XML for Mining

Copyright Clearance CenterCopyright Clearance Center announced today that it has made enhancements to its cloud-based RightFind XML for Mining software, which allows organizations using text mining to glean important insights from vast amounts of scientific, technical and medical (STM) content.

Full press release below:

Copyright Clearance Center Announces Enhancements to RightFind® XML for Mining

Danvers, Mass. – Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC), creating global licensing and content solutions that make copyright work, announces enhancements to its cloud-based RightFind® XML for Mining software solution, which empowers organizations using text mining to glean important insights from vast amounts of Scientific, Technical, and Medical (STM) content. RightFind XML for Mining allows customers to make discoveries and connections available only in full text by providing XML-formatted subscribed content, and enabling discovery and purchase of articles that fall outside company subscriptions, offering the most complete article collection for text mining.

The product enhancements allow the user to:

· Discover full-text scientific articles with powerful new search functionality: A new Lucene search capability enables users to build sophisticated queries using any indexed field.
· Share projects with colleagues: Teams of researchers can collaborate to build queries, review results, and ensure the optimal output for downstream text mining activities.
· Access the most recent, up-to-date content: New synchronization architecture provides the latest article versions for users’ text mining projects.
· Make text mining queries with improved cross-publisher normalization: The JATS XML output has been enhanced to include new metadata fields for normalized sections of the full-text article, reducing workflow inefficiencies that plague other methods of acquiring full-text XML content from multiple publishers.

“Life sciences companies increasingly rely on text mining to drive their research and development efforts,” said Lauren Tulloch, Senior Director, Corporate Products and Services, CCC. “We are working closely with customers worldwide to solve the content quality and licensing challenges that impede these workflows, thereby accelerating scientific research.”

XML for Mining is built on CCC’s RightFind® platform, which helps customers access, share and manage content anytime, anywhere, while respecting copyright. Colleagues can use a single platform to connect instantly to full-text articles from subscriptions, Open Access channels, local holdings, and document delivery.

About Copyright Clearance Center

Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), with its subsidiaries RightsDirect and Ixxus, is a global leader in technologies related to content workflow, document delivery, text and data mining, and rights licensing technology. CCC’s solutions provide anytime, anywhere content access, usage rights and information management while promoting and protecting the interests of copyright holders. CCC serves more than 35,000 customers and over 12,000 copyright holders worldwide and manages more than 950 million rights from the world’s most sought-after journals, books, blogs, movies and more. The company has locations in the US, the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Romania and Japan.

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One thought on “CCC Announces Enhancements to RightFind XML for Mining

  1. Michael W. Perry

    If the Copyright Clearance Center is listening, I’d like to suggest that they make it easier to put books into their system. Since some books I’ve published become college readers, I looked into working with them and concluded it was more trouble than it was worth. Too many niggling details.

    There is a fix. In today’s market, quite a few books flow through two major print-on-demand channels: Amazon’s Createspace and Ingram’s Lighting Source/Ingram Spark. Lighting Source in particular handles titles from the academic press, including Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge.

    Why not work with those two companies to offer an easy and convenient way to place their titles into CCC? One on-screen click already gives a publisher distribution into a host of countries. Why shouldn’t a similar click take care of copyright clearance issues through the CCC? Createspace and Ingram already have the necessary files and metadata. All that’s needed is a business relationship.

    I’d also suggest making price-setting easy. Allow publishers to agree, with a single click, to commonly accepted pricing and terms. That’d let them avoid the dangers of over- or under-pricing without having to closely monitor a market they know little about.



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