What Can Publishing Learn from the Film Industry?

book publishing, publishers, books, ebooks, subscription servicesSince 2005, multiple business models have been flourishing in the Scandinavian ebook market. With Storytel’s acquisition of its Danish rival subscription service provider Mofibo earlier this year, the large Northern European player is leading the way for the next generation of subscription services in the book industry.

However, as seen in the music industry, streaming subscription services equal lower margins per consumed product. So the question becomes, are lower margins per sold book inevitable?

Luckily for book publishing, we tend to move more slowly than other players in the entertainment industry when it comes to new technologies and business models. And thankfully, this slow adoption has given us the chance to learn from other sectors, like music and film. Even though the consumption patterns of products, and the products themselves, are very different, there are still many similarities in the digital transformation that the businesses have undergone.

Much more.

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DBW Conference Focuses on Solutions and Opportunities for Publishers (DBW)
The 8th Annual Digital Book World (DBW 2017), Jan. 17 – 19, 2017 in N.Y.C., will present fresh content on key topics, real-world solutions and opportunities for publishers and their partners, as well as the latest tools and techniques for smarter book publishing in a digital world. Registration and conference program details are now available at digitalbookworldconference.com (the best advance pricing ends on Oct. 31).

How to Use Reddit to Market Your Books (Jane Friedman)
Free exposure can come through social media, but online reader communities such as Goodreads are designed for users to discuss books they read—not for authors to promote books they write. If you just post a message about your book in these communities, it will be perceived as spam and removed (and rightly so!).

Frankfurt Industry Notes (Pub Perspectives)
As Frankfurt Book Fair’s press officers report a slight increase in trade-visitor attendance this year, the German trade gives Carolin Emcke its 2016 peace prize.

How to Use Data Science to Write and Sell More Books (Creative Penn)
Can we really combine creativity with algorithms to write better stories and sell more books? In today’s show, Chris Fox explains how we can.

Libro.fm Audiobooks Now Available in 150 Indie Bookstores (DBW)
Libro.fm, a digital audiobook provider for independent bookstores, announced today that its services are featured in more than 150 bookstores in the United States. The provider, which says its mission is to encourage readers to “choose indie,” offers DRM-free audiobooks with high-quality audio, and allows independent bookstores to remain competitive with online retailers, as audiobooks continue to surge in popularity.

Sourcebooks Signs 4 International Deals to Expand Markets (DBW)
Sourcebooks announced that it has signed four deals in an effort to increase international sales and distribution, with both online and traditional retailers. The independent publisher will be one of the first to join Baker & Taylor’s Global Publishers Services (GPS), a program that providers publishers with international services. GPS will represent Sourcebooks in all territories outside of North America and the United Kingdom.

BEA Chicago Attendance Was Down by over a Third (Pub Lunch)
In response to a recent PL recent query, Book Expo has told us that total audited Chicago attendance was 11,311 people — down from 17,249 in 2015, a decline of 34.5 percent (and down further from the most recent high of 19,960 in 2012). Attendance fell significantly across all categories, including “attendees.”

3 Pillars of an Author’s Platform (The Verbs)
First, let’s define “author platform.” The publishing industry uses this term to talk about everything that includes the following: what an author’s work stands for, who an author’s audience is, and the methods used for reaching out to that audience. Phew! That’s a lot. No wonder the author platforms don’t get much love.

Audiobooks Are a Different Form (Gene Doucette)
There’s been a metric ton of electronic ink spilled in the past few months about audiobooks, their merits, and whether listening to one is the same thing as reading a book.

5 Skills a Designer Needs (BookMachine)
This is a guest blog post by Jo Thomson. Jo is a Senior Designer at Pan Macmillan Publishers. Before working in publishing, Jo was a designer at design studio Stylorouge where she worked on a range of projects with clients including EMI, Universal and Cancer Research.


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