BookBaby Launches 2017 Self-Publishing Survey

BookbabyBookBaby announced today that is launching its 2017 Self-Publishing Survey, a comprehensive study aimed at revealing the most successful book marketing and promotion strategies for self-published authors. The company has partnered with 15 self-publishing providers to ask published and aspiring authors to share their marketplace experiences and opinions.

“The self-publishing community is gigantic and getting bigger every day,” said BookBaby President Steven Spatz. “And yet we know very little about how, or even why some indie authors are getting discovered by readers. Is it great marketing? Is it pure luck? Or something else altogether?”

The survey covers the following topics: authors’ writing backgrounds; promotional and marketing strategies; thoughts on the current state of self-publishing; and predictions on where the industry is headed.

More than one million authors have been invited to participate in the survey—what BookBaby calls “the largest-known survey pool in self-publishing history.” Authors who participate also receive access to giveaways and special offers.

The survey takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete, and the resulting data will be available early next year. Authors interested in participating in the 2017 Self-Publishing Survey can go here.

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