What Does Book Marketing Look Like Today?

marketing, books, book marketing, publicity, authorsHaving run publishing businesses for 11 years, you would assume that I would know the answer to that seemingly basic question. But, speaking honestly, I’m not sure that I do. And I’m not sure that many other publishers do, either.

This isn’t a criticism of publishers’ marketing campaigns—there are clearly some very successful ones—but instead something a bit more fundamental. Having started Legend Press from my flat in Stoke Newington, London, I used to be a regular at the post office, carrying my box of review copies. Eleven years on, we may not be carrying the box, but as a publisher we still send out the review copies to an albeit smaller list of national literary journalists.

I won’t list all the other activities we have carried out across our businesses over the last decade, but from events and print and digital mail-outs, to promotional materials and adverts—and having an author dress up as Lord Lucan and stand on a plinth in Trafalgar Square—we have never been shy about trying absolutely anything to get our books noticed.

Much more.

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