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authors, discovery, digital publishingAt DBW, we have a running series called “Company Snapshots,” in which we profile companies in the industry that are tackling problems from a unique angle.

Here are some of the recent profile’s we’ve run:

Vearsa provides digital publishing solutions for today’s publishers. They handle everything from conversion and distribution to sales reporting. They track rankings, ratings, popularity of genres and competition.

Written Word Media’s mission is to empower authors and publishers to reach their audience and help readers find their next great book. They do this through their portfolio of brands: Freebooksy, Bargain Booksy, Red Feather Romance and NewInBooks.

Bookstr is a digital media platform dedicated to the discovery of new books and authors through online social behavior.

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How to Smartly Evaluate a Small Publisher (Jane Friedman)
or any author interested in a traditional publishing deal, one of the first questions you’ll face is: Do you need an agent? If you want to be published by one of the “Big Five” publishers—the New York houses that represent the large majority of what you’ll find in your average bookstore—then you do need an agent.

Russia’s Bookmate Subscription: 12 Languages and Growing (Pub Perspectives)
In quick expansion, the Russian ebook subscription service Bookmate started life as an e-reader producer, only to learn that “people don’t know what to read.”

Competition Celebrates German Children’s Book Translators (Pub Perspectives)
Growing interest in German children’s books led to a translation competition to identify up-and-coming translators. Here we announce the top translators and highlight the importance of publishing translated children’s books.

HarperCollins Launches New Indie Store Backlist Program (PW)
HarperCollins will introduce a new backlist program for U.S.-based independent booksellers on January 1, 2017. The program, the publisher said in a statement, is “designed to reward and support independent retailers that maintain a varied selection of HarperCollins backlist titles specific to the store’s strengths and customer base.”

Ebooks Can Now Be Sold with Reduced VAT, Says EC (Bookseller)
European publishers and booksellers have welcomed the decision of the European Commission (EC) to allow VAT to be reduced on ebooks, with sales now bound to go up, according to booksellers.

Lulu Launches Academic Publishing Platform (PW)
Lulu, a pioneer in the self-publishing market, has set its sights on a new segment: academics.

Semantico Partners with TrendMD for Content Discoverability Engine (DBW)
Semantico announced a partnership with TrendMD to use the latter’s content discoverability tool within Semantico’s Scolaris digital publishing platform.


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