B&N Introduces New 7″ Nook Tablet for $49.99

Barnes & NobleBarnes & Noble announced today that it will debut a new 7″ Nook tablet for $49.99 available in stores on November 25 (Black Friday). The e-reader is the least expensive device the company has created.

The new Nook features front- and rear-facing cameras, Bluetooth compatibility, a soft-touch back, a quad-core processor, and expandable storage space from 8GB to an additional 128GB via a microSD card, which is sold separately. The device runs Marshmallow (Android 6.0) and has full access to the Google Play Store.

“We’re extremely excited to introduce our most affordable NOOK ever, just in time for the holiday shopping season, so customers can give their loved ones the gift of reading forever for less,” said Fred Argir, chief digital officer at Barnes & Noble. “NOOK Tablet 7” has everything that customers expect from a NOOK, but for less than $50. It truly is the perfect present for everyone in the family, providing access to millions of NOOK Books and a universe of content at an unbeatable price.”

The new Nook also comes with B&N Readouts, a feature that offers a daily selection of two-minute book excerpts, as well as full articles from current magazine issues, and Serial Reads, a service that offers free fiction serials which allow subscribers to read a new book each month. The serials are delivered free in daily chapters directly to customers’ devices.

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2 thoughts on “B&N Introduces New 7″ Nook Tablet for $49.99

  1. terry

    Confusing, to say the least. After 3, 4? years of abandoning their eBook customers, then shoving overpriced other company’s devices at us, now they want to make nice?

    I was the earliest early adopter of the original Nook. I talked my friends into Nooks, color, and others just as B&N shivved us.

    How do we trust?

  2. Randy

    I just bought it… It’s decent, the speaker is bad am radio quality, the processor is s.a.f. and the screen reminds me of a “made for toddlers” tablet from aiwa or some name you’ve never heard of… But for reading nook books or whatever… Hey, for 50 bones you can’t beat it really… Oh, and the battery life is dismal as well! Not dissing, it just is what it is at its price point.. CHEAP!!!



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