Big Data, Machine Learning, Chatbots and More

big data, machine learning, chatbots, Digital Book WorldCliff Guren is the founder of Syntopical, a consulting company that provides strategic planning and business development support to publishers and technology companies developing content-driven products and services. He’s also held senior management positions at industry-leading companies such as Apple, Asymetrix, Quebecor, Microsoft, Skiff (a Hearst-funded start-up) and Bluefire Productions.

Cliff is a recognized industry leader known for his passion for developing and launching new publishing-related technologies, and he’s also a speaker at DBW 2017, where he’ll discuss the roles big data and machine learning are playing in publishing.

We spoke to Cliff to learn more about his session at DBW, as well as why big data and machine learning are becoming such critical parts of the publishing landscape.

What is the future of machine learning in book publishing? Is it currently a practical investment for publishers?

Machine learning is already being used in publishing. At the simplest level, every time you see and respond to the squiggly line below a misspelled word or awkward phrase, you’re interacting with a machine-learning-driven system. That system incorporates a dictionary, a thesaurus and a set of style guidelines. In all likelihood, that content was licensed from a publisher.’

Much more.

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Total attendance at the recently concluded Guadalajara International Book Fair was about 813,000, a 3 percent increase over 2015. Figures include participation for both professional attendance and the general public.


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