Barnes & Noble Adds Print Feature to Nook Press

Barnes & NobleBarnes & Noble announced today the launch of a new print feature for its self-publishing platform, Nook Press, which will allow authors to turn their ebooks into print versions that can be sold in B&N stores and online at

The program is self-service and allows authors to create both hardcover and paperback versions.

Through the program, authors who have sold 1,000 copies of a single ebook in the past year will be able to sell their print books on the local, regional or national level through B&N.

Moreover, authors who have sold 500 copies of a single ebook in the past year are eligible to participate in in-store events at B&N, including book-signings and discussions.

If eligible authors want their books to be considered for in-store placement, they can submit their books for review to B&N’s Small Press Department and one of the company’s corporate category buyers. To participate in in-store events, eligible authors can submit for an event review from a B&N store manager.

“Barnes & Noble is proud to be the first to offer coordinated, national distribution for self-published authors who will benefit from in-store placement at Barnes & Noble stores and online at,” said Fred Argir, B&N’s chief digital officer, in a press release. “No one else can offer self-published authors a retail presence like Barnes & Noble can.”

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4 thoughts on “Barnes & Noble Adds Print Feature to Nook Press

  1. Chris Syme

    I want to say this is too good to be true but there has to be a catch somewhere. But bravo. This might give B & N an opportunity to stay in the game and reward authors whose books actually do sell. I’m sure the underbelly will get busy finding a way to game this system, but for now–maybe.

  2. Noelle A. Granger

    So if you have published an e book on Kindle, regardless of whether it already exists in print, you could create a hardback or paperback through them that they would stock IF the book or another book you wrote(?) had sold 1k copies the previous year? And how much would THAT cost?
    Thanks for this info!

    1. Jemima Pett

      I imagine it would have to be a Nook version that you had sold through them, Noelle. That’s my take on it.
      I do ‘sell’ quite a lot of my free ebooks on Nook, I wonder if that counts as a sale in this set-up?



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