Avoid These 7 Book Marketing Trends

books, marketing, authors, social mediaOne of the biggest certainties about marketing trends, including book marketing trends, is that they are always in a state of change. This has a lot to do with changing technology. In nearly every aspect of every day, someone is marketing something to each of us. Since I am in the business of book marketing, I pay close attention to stay on top of the hottest trends and best practices so I can make solid recommendations to our authors.

Ultimately, there are some common practices that authors are best served to stay away from. By avoiding some of the pitfalls associated with each of the marketing trends I am identifying as no longer working (there are seven), authors will be able to improve—even maximize—their promotion efforts.

1. Generic Anything

In today’s world, we are slammed with thousands of impersonal messages and ads every day. We are beyond saturated with messages that are not on target. Our inboxes are filled with emails that don’t pique our interests, just waiting for us to respond. But we don’t respond. Attention is the new currency, and in order to both get it and keep it, you have to make things more personal.

Much more.

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What B&N Doesn’t Get About Bookstores (New Yorker)
In April, Leonard Riggio announced that he was stepping away from Barnes & Noble, the business he bought forty-five years ago and transformed into the world’s largest brick-and-mortar bookstore chain. Come September, Riggio, now seventy-five, would happily retire. Or so he claimed.

FFB 2016: PW Talks to Pew’s Lee Rainie About Reading in the Digital Age (PW)
It’s been a disruptive decade for the book business, but Pew’s latest research suggests that Americans’ reading habits have remained relatively stable.

Could Brexit Imperil the Trade Book Fair? (Bookseller)
Publishing is among the most international of industries; editors and authors were roving ambassadors long before Schengen. Thus many feel a sense of shame as they touch down for the first Frankfurt Book Fair since the UK voted to leave the European Union. Brexit will be a major topic of discussion.

Brexit-hit Firms Fear Talent Drain (Bookseller)
Multinational publishers have warned of the consequences of a “hard Brexit” on their businesses, with concerns over whether restrictions on migration would hamper their ability to attract the right talent to work for them.

The Implications of Brexit for the UK Academic Market (Pub Perspectives)
Threats and opportunities were considered by leading figures from academic publishing at Thursday’s panel discussion on Brexit.

Design Options for Self-Publishers (PW)
Book design may be the most self-effacing form of design anywhere. After all, its mission is to so perfectly smooth the interaction between author and reader that the designer disappears from the equation. If a book is readable, enjoyable, easy to interact with, and seamlessly communicates the ideas of the author, I would say the design is a success because nobody notices it.

Horror Authors Take a Stab at Self-Publishing (PW)
Every literary genre has its subgenres, but there is perhaps no genre so packed with niches as horror fiction. You’ve got your supernatural horror, postapocalyptic horror, fantasy horror, sci-fi horror, comedy horror, and then all the vampire, werewolf, and zombie horror. It’s a long list of genres for the long list of authors who self-publish in this increasingly fractured and versatile category.

Book Publicity Do’s & Don’ts for Indie Authors (BookWorks)
Back in August, we featured a guest post by Amy Collins of New Shelves Books on Wooing Book Buyers to Get Your Books Into Stores. Amy has years of experience both as a book buyer herself and working with buyers to get her clients books into stores and library shelves. We thought this was the kind of insider information that indie authors could really benefit from, so we invited Amy to join our Team as our Retail Book Sales Expert.

Writing a Book, Step by Step (The Verbs)
I’m about to let you in on a secret that will help you write that book that’s been dying to get out. The best part is, you can do it without having an existential crisis.


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