Authors, Stop Doing These 10 Things on Social Media

social media, authors, sales, books, facebook, twitterAlmost every author has been told at some point, “You gotta get online and promote.” But only a small percentage of authors have actually been coached on social media best practices, resulting in hundreds of authors using social media completely wrong and turning readers off rather than attracting them.

If you are guilty of any of the following social media practices, for the sake of your readership, please stop immediately.

1. Overusing hashtags. A hashtag is not the secret to getting discovered, and no one meaningful is going to follow you based on a tweet in which eight out of 10 words are hashtags. Instead of trying to game the system and latching on to various trending hashtags, consider posting meaningful content that would attract your target audience.

Much more.

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Audiobooks Turn More Readers into Listeners as Ebooks Slip (NY Times)
Sales of paperback books are up. Independent bookstores are thriving again. The threat of a digital apocalypse has subsided, as ebook sales have tumbled.

Amazon Bull: Stock Hits New High (Pub Lunch)
On Thursday, Amazon’s stock hit a new all-time high, closing above $800 a share for the first time. In the broader market sell-off early this year Amazon had traded as low as about $500 a share. For the year-to-date the stock is up about 19 percent, though the biggest movement was in 2015, when shares more than doubled as the fast-growing AWS cloud services division produced significant earnings.

The Indie Ebooks Evolution (PW)
Indie authors are finding that now is a good time to dive into e-books. As readers continue to embrace the format, ebook platforms expand their offerings, and indie authors get savvier with the technology, authors and publishers are seeing more opportunities—but also a fair number of challenges—in the self-published e-book market.

How Indie Authors Can Master Their Online Presence (PW)
As an increasing percentage of book sales move online—whether for print, e-book, or audio editions—marketing can involve and rely upon authors’ executing today’s best practices for websites and digital media. This is true for traditional authors as much as it is for independent authors. As authors’ careers grow across multiple books, the online accounts and sites tied to their names inevitably become more influential, visible, and meaningful.

3 Things I Learned While Publishing My First Book (Forbes)
I do quite a bit of writing, but I’ve always been hesitant to take the plunge and publish a book. Whenever the temptation struck, I reminded myself that thoughts such as “I should write a book!” usually fall into the same category as “we should start a band,” or “let’s buy a bar!”

Norvik Press’ Three Decades of Translation (Pub Perspectives)
“Publishers weren’t interested in translations from Nordic literature or studies from Nordic writers,” says Janet Garton, so she and James MacFarlane created Norvik.

Reader Reviews: More Ways to Get Them (BookWorks)
Fact: Reviews are essential to your book’s success. Fact: Getting them is a challenge (as our members have often shared). We have tackled this topic before in a series that explored ways to obtain both reader reviews and professional reviews. Today, we’ll focus on the other set of reviewers who are at least as critical to your book marketing: The individuals who submit reviews to places like and Goodreads.

Frankfurt Book Fair 2016 Preview (PW)
The Frankfurt Book Fair (which runs October 19–23 this year) will always be a book fair. But as technology has presented new opportunities for publishers, authors, and creators, the fair’s organizers have smartly expanded its professional program over the past decade to bring in other sectors of the creative economy, including film, games, and now the art world.

Why Publishers Must Go Mobile (PW)
In its annual summary of ISBNs registered for self-published works, Bowker reported that nearly 730,000 were issued in 2015, up from 153,000 in 2010. The numbers cover ISBNs issued for both print and digital formats.

The UAE and Brazil Explore Trade (Pub Perspectives)
When does looking outward answer internal struggles? When, as Emirati publisher Bodour Al Qasimi says, trade diversification answers a local crisis.

Jaipur Literary Festival Opens in Colorado (PW)
The Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF) returned to Boulder, Colo., for the second time, on September 23. Offering three days of readings and panel discussions in and around the city’s public library, the event focuses on marginalized voices, including those of native Americans and other minorities and people of color. In all, 80 authors will participate.


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