How Authors Should Assemble Their Press Kits

authors, marketing, publicityAs a self-published author (and these days, even if you’re a traditionally published author), you’ll likely be spending an insane amount of time on marketing. Having a robust press kit—specific to the needs of online marketing for authors—done in advance of your marketing push means maximum efficiency!

Sample Press Kit

Think of a press kit as a compilation album of your marketing materials, plus a few more goodies.

A sample press kit would have the following:

• An author photo at 300 dpi (high-resolution)
• Cover art at 300 dpi (high-resolution)
• Your book excerpt
• A sheet providing the various descriptions of the work (the one-line, the synopsis, etc.)
• An author bio (short and/or long, depending on the situation)
• Positive reviews (if you have them yet) and copies of any positive articles about you as an author or about your work

A digital press kit might “zip” all of these files into one folder for easy emailing and download. All of the above items are also things you will find in a typical list for a well-thought out author website, so you’re getting extra value out of assembling these materials and putting a press kit together.

Much more.

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