Author Earnings’ New Report on Big Five Ebook Pricing

Author Earnings’ New Report on Big Five Ebook PricingAuthor Earnings posted a new report on ebook pricing from the Big Five publishing houses.

According to the dataset they used, the ebook prices of the publishers’ most-heavily-promoted frontlist launches were, for the most part, still priced between $12.99–$14.99. But, as the report points out, once you take a step back and look at the 157,000 ebooks from the Big Five, “a significant shift” is seen.

The average price of a Big Five ebook, according to the report, dropped from $10.31 in January 2016 to $8.67 in May 2016.

As Data Guy reiterates in the report, one of the key points he made at Digital Book World 2016 was that “higher ebook prices end up hurting newer debut authors far more than they hurt long-established authors, who already have existing fanbases and sustainable writing careers.” And as the data from 2014 to 2016 showed, this trend has “crippled” authors’ discoverability.

Much more.

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