Amazon Spends $30 Million to Sell Ebooks to NYC Schools

AmazonAmazon won a $30 million deal yesterday to provide ebooks to New York City public schools, according to The Wall Street Journal.

New York’s Panel for Education Policy voted in favor of the three-year deal with the Department of Education, which will go into effect in the next school year.

If the three years of the program are successful, the deal could be extended another two years, which would net Amazon $64.5 million in total.

The new deal will allow Amazon to introduce its ebook catalog to more than a million students in New York City, the nation’s largest school district.

Amazon will not provide any e-readers to New York’s school system. Instead, schools will purchase the digital files from Amazon through an internal marketplace that the company will create, and the files will then be available on school devices.

Update: Amazon issued the following statement: “This partnership is illustrative of Amazon Education’s overall commitment to making connected classrooms a reality by helping students and educators with the transition to digital learning. We look forward to working closely with the NYC DOE to serve the educational needs of their students.”

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