Amazon Bringing VoiceView to Kindle E-Readers

AmazonAmazon announced today the introduction of VoiceView to its line of Kindle e-readers, starting with the Paperwhite. The feature had previously only been available on the company’s Fire tablets.

VoiceView allows visually impaired readers to use the devices through speech feedback. Just like on the Fire tablets, VoiceView for Kindle supports linear and touch navigation, as well as the same range of speech feedback rates and earcons.

Amazon developed a tutorial with multiple lessons to allow new users to learn how to operate the feature.

Visually impaired users can use VoiceView with Amazon’s new Kindle Audio Adapter, which plugs into the USB port and connects to headphones or speakers. Users can then listen to and navigate the user interface.

Amazon had previously introduced features to allow visually impaired users to read on its Kindle devices, including an open source font on its latest generation Kindles called OpenDyslexic.

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