What Agents Need to Know About Their Authors’ Ebooks

ebooks, pdf, ocr, scan, agents, authors, publishersAgents, here’s what you should know about ebooks made from PDFs: they’re not perfect. Knowing this will put you in a better position to protect your authors’ work.

While an ebook made from a PDF is almost certainly better than one made from a scan (OCR), don’t fall into the trap of thinking that it will be perfect. Many people do fall into this (understandable) trap, though—even some ebook conversion “experts,” who though they know conversion from PDF is not perfect, won’t be completely clear with you on this point.

Conversion from a PDF has many of the same challenges as conversion from a scan. Some of the more important (and error-prone!) of these challenges are as follows:

1. Distinguishing hard vs. soft line breaks (unbreaking lines)
2. Distinguishing hard vs. soft hyphens (de-hyphenating)
3. Handling images
4. Handling notes (footnotes & endnotes)
5. Rejecting headers & footers
6. Handling the table of contents

Much more.

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