U.S. Publishing Earned $28 Billion in 2015

aap, books, book sales, audiobooks, ebooksThe Association of American Publishers (AAP) released data from its latest survey today, which found that the U.S. publishing industry generated $27.78 billion in net revenue in 2015. That amount was spread over 2.71 billion units, according to the AAP’s numbers.

Both figures were essentially flat compared to 2014’s numbers, with a 0.6-percent decrease in revenue from $27.96 billion, and a 0.5-percent increase in volume from 2.70 billion. Revenue for 2015 was up, however, compared to 2013, when the industry brought in $27.07 billion and sold 2.715 billion units.

All these figures come from the AAP’s Annual StatShot Survey, which is “a yearly statistical survey of publishing’s estimated size and scope” and looks at trade (fiction/non-fiction/religious), k-12 instructional materials, higher education course materials, university presses and professional books.

Adult books saw the largest growth in 2015, growing 6.0 percent from $9.87 billion in 2014 to $10.47 billion in 2015. And for the second consecutive year, adult non-fiction books—which includes adult coloring books—was the category that sold the most units and provided the most revenue in the trade category.

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