A Publisher Strikes Gold with Personalized Adult Coloring Books

A Publisher Strikes Gold with Personalized Adult Coloring BooksIn recent years, Put Me in the Story, the line of personalized books for children, has been a huge hit for its publisher, Sourcebooks. What’s more, this trend has coincided with the surge in popularity of adult coloring books.

To that end, since the beginning of 2016, personalized adult coloring books have been responsible for a whopping 40 percent of Sourcebooks’s Put Me in the Story sales.

The two books the publisher currently has out, Keep Calm and Color On: For Stress Relief and Keep Calm and Color On: For Your Inner Creative, were released in the fall of 2015 and quickly gained attention from television shows, including “The View,” “Good Morning America” and “The Today Show.” Customers also responded positively, gifting the books to friends and family interested in creative ways to relax and de-stress.

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