A Case Study on How to Build a Successful Indie Press

A Case Study on How to Build a Successful Indie PressMost featured publishers in this series have some sort of niche. Indeed, many smaller publishing houses around the world benefit from a narrower focus than the big guys do, picking up enthusiasts in very specific areas of interest.

And the interest area of today’s featured publisher isn’t for everyone, that’s for sure. Octane Press focuses primarily on road and race vehicles, farm machines, motorsports and motorcycles. Not for everyone, but certainly a strong and dedicated international audience.

Whether you’re into your tractors or not, the growth of Octane Press is a case study on how to successfully build a publishing house in a niche category. The team has won a variety of awards, and has seen continued success and growth over the past six years. I spoke to Lee Klancher, the company’s founder and the mastermind behind the thriving Octane Press.

Much more.

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Kobo Launches in Turkey (DBW)
Kobo announced yesterday that it has partnered with D&R, Turkey’s largest book and media retailer, to bring its e-reading platform and devices to the country.

Startup Snapshot: Futureproofs (BookMachine)
John Pettigrew is CEO and Founder of Futureproofs, where he is trying to make editors’ lives better with software designed for the jobs they actually do. A recovering editor himself, John has been working in publishing since 1997, including stints on academic journals, educational textbooks, and print and digital materials of all kinds. Here we interviewed John on Futureproofs and what’s next in the pipeline.

America’s Obsession with Adult Coloring Is a Cry for Help (Quartz)
In January, Samantha Wuu quit her job in Boston to move home to New Jersey and support her mother through two family illnesses. To take her mind off her worries, she also took up coloring. She very quickly found it hard to stop. “I was really, really stressed when this was going on,” says the 27-year-old, a teacher and childhood friend. Coloring became a useful distraction, and then a preoccupation: “I would be doing other things, and I’d be like, ‘I can’t wait until I get to do that again.” For a month, she colored every day, at times twice a day.

How Slow Websites Damage Publishers’ Revenue (Financial Times)
We wanted to understand how much the speed of our website affected user engagement, specifically, the quantity of articles read, one of our key measures of success. Using that data we then wanted to quantify the impact on our revenue.

Just a Little More (Seth Godin)
It’s often about asking, not about what’s needed. Years ago, when I lived in California, I’d go to the grocery store nearly every day. I usually paid by check. Each time, the clerk would ask me for my phone number and then write it on the check. When I ran out of checks, I decided to be clever and had my phone number printed on them. You guessed it, without missing a beat, that same clerk started asking me for my driver’s license number (and yes, I did it one more time, and we moved on to my social security number).

New Directions’ Barbara Epler on the State of Translation (Pub Perspectives)
As we’ve written this month, AmazonCrossing, one of Amazon Publishing’s most agile imprints, now is the leading house for translated work, and is quickly expanding the language-pairs and cultures its work spans. The way was paved, however, at least in part, by Barbara Epler who joined New Directions as an editorial assistant after graduating from college in 1984. She became Editor in Chief in 1995; was named Publisher in 2008, and in 2011 became President.

Colombia’s Big Bid for the Habit of Reading (Pub Perspectives)
Despite producing Gabriel García Márquez, Colombia is still “a young country” in literacy. But the Bogotá Book Fair is helping to change that, says the president of the country’s publishing industry association.

5 Reasons Why I’m Not Buying a Kindle Oasis… Yet (Ebook Evangelist)
Tomorrow is the official release Day for the Kindle Oasis. Although it may seem a surprising thing for a tech blogger to do, I have decided to wait before buying the latest hardware. And, also probably surprising, is the fact that price is not one of my reasons. So why am I waiting to see if I want to buy an Oasis at all? Here’s my five reasons.


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