4 Steps to Build a Strong Author Platform

4 Steps to Build a Strong Author PlatformFor some writers, building a strong author platform comes naturally, but for others, this extroverted activity of networking takes a lot of work. Whether it feels comfortable or not, the reality is that an author’s work needs to reach the right community of readers to be successful.

This means that one of the most important aspects of marketing your book is building relationships with people who will promote your work.

Don’t be afraid to connect with people you already know to enlist their help in finding readers who will really love your work, turning them into true fans—those who will follow you wherever you go, from your social media properties to real-life events.

Much more.

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Bookstores Are More Than Places That Sell Books (Chicago Tribune)
I am obviously biased, but bookstores just seem different. I have engaged in fantasies that if I were to become famous, the bookstore my mother co-founded in 1971 (The Book Bin in Northbrook) would become an icon. People could visit the spot where I would sit and read books after school.

3 Myths About the MFA in Creative Writing (Jane Friedman)
Most writers want an MFA for one of three reasons: They want to teach writing, they want to get published, or they want to make room in their life for writing. It turns out these reasons for doing an MFA are actually based on myths.

China’s ‘Three Book Program’ (Pub Perspectives)
In a newly created arrangement, Chinese publishers are being introduced to international export through a ‘Three Book Program’ organized by Boston-based digital distribution firm Trajectory.

Mexico’s Gandhi Bookstores (Pub Perspectives)
One of the nation’s largest, Mexico’s bookstore chain named for Mahatma Gandhi increasingly depends on non-book sales to stay ahead, according to the company’s marketing manager.

Quarto Announces Changes to Leadership Structure (Bookseller)
The Quarto Group has announced changes to its leadership structure with three new positions, including a promotion for Ken Fund to the role of chief operating officer.


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